We Needed to Gain Access to the Filing System

I needed to find an emergency Brisbane locksmith as quickly as possible. My boss lost the keys to the filing system, and we desperately needed in it. My boss wanted to just break the filing cabinets, but they are pretty much immune to that. We got the best when we purchased them because we wanted to make sure that no one else would be able to break into them either. I looked at a few different locksmiths in the area. One was perfect for our needs, and the nice thing is he was able to come over right when we called him.

I was not sure if a locksmith was the right answer at first because of how the filing cabinet system is. I know that locksmiths are used to getting into areas that are otherwise not meant to be accessed, but this was a unique situation, or so I thought. I explained on the phone that I was not sure if we would need to wait for the company where we purchased the filing cabinet to get back to us with a new key, but the locksmith that I talked to seemed convinced that he would be able to gain access to the filing system.

I am glad that he was that confident, because it definitely helped my own spirits. I admit that I was still a bit reserved in my thinking that he could access it, but he quickly won me over when he came in, looked over the filing system, and then had a key for us to use to open it within an hour. He saved us a lot of downtime as well as grief, and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. Now, in addition to my boss, I also hold a key to the system.