Watching What I Want and Saving Money Too

I used to have cable TV, but I discovered that I was not really using it. I was paying for hundreds of channels that I simply did not use. I was not using the 70 music channels, the dozens of sports channels, or most of the other channels. I decided to cancel my cable after looking at my alternatives, which included Netflix. I was not a subscriber of Netflix while I had my cable, and I discovered that I would use Netflix a whole lot more, especially after reading some things on

This is a website that is 100 percent about Netflix. It shows everything that is coming as well as leaving for the month. It does a lot more than that though. There are so many shows on Netflix, and quite a few of them are original. That goes for shows as well as movies and documentaries too. For a fraction of the cost that I was paying for cable, I am able to get everything that I want. I do enjoy watching some of the shows on network channels, but a lot of them are on Netflix too. To me, it does not matter that I might have to wait until the season is over to watch it.

That just gives me time to watch other shows. There are quite a few on there that show the entire series with each season. Some of them are no longer on the air, but quite a few are. In fact, there is one show that I had been wanting to see, but I refused to watch it since I missed all the character development from the first three seasons of it. I was able to binge watch those three seasons in several weeks, and now I am caught up with that too. I could not do any of that with cable, and I am so glad that I can plan my TV viewing thanks to the Netflix Insider website.