The Fairest of Them All

Beauty pageants have always been a big part of my life. I have been competing in them for a long time. Every since I have been a little girl, my mother has been my pageant she taught me how to smile and poise in the contests. I have always won every contest that I have entered. I have a special trophy room full of awards. Although pageants come very easy for me. it is very stressful. I have had to deal with jealous women. They are jealous of my eyelashes. I used a products from to aid me in my contests.

One of the problems that I constantly faced was Sasha Collins she was a spoiled woman that came from a wealthy family. Sasha and I have been competing against each other since we were little girls. She always tried her best to upstage me, but I was always able to beat her. She was really jealous of my beauty and my achievements. Her jealous rage has driven her to sabotage in the past. I remember a situation that Sasha sprinkled itching powder on my pageant gown. I was so itchy, but I managed to when first prize, Sasha could not at believe that she sill lost. She has continued to be controlled my jealousy.

When we were in our last competition, Sasha got a complete makeover. She got botox and fake eyelashes to win over the judges. Sasha though that her gimmicks would work for her, but she way wrong. I won the pageant, and she could not able to secure the coveted title. The judges chose my natural body over Sasha’s fake one. She was so livid, that she tried to run me off the road while I was driving, but I survived. Jealousy can make even pretty people ugly.