The Best Wireless Programmable Thermostat Reviews

Choosing the best wireless thermostat can be a daunting task today.  Programmable thermostats  are hitting the market on a daily basis making the challenge of choosing what is best for you in terms of style, price and ease of use.

We’ve dug in  and pulled out some very pertinent information to provide the best wireless thermostat reviews on the Internet.

We know that having a home programmable room thermostat plays an important role for comfort and convenience not only in the home but in the office as well. The importance of programmable heating will mostly be appreciated during the cold seasons such as fall and winter. People use several methods to heat their homes, this includes gas or electric heating. Despite the mode of heating, it is always important to use a reliable thermostat to control the heat. A wireless thermostat basically regulates the temperatures thus creating the ideal environment. For a longtime, people have been using traditional wall mounted thermostats, however this is quickly changing overtime. People are now turning to wireless thermostats as the more preferred option.

What Is A Wireless Thermostat?

A wireless thermostat is simply a programmable room thermostat that operates without any need to attach electrical wires to it. Traditionally, programmable thermostats came with wires that were connected to the heating device. These cables or wires were used to transmit the signal or frequency which enabled the device to regulate the temperature. However, a wireless room thermostat adjusts the room temperature remotely. No wires are present in the gadget, consequently making the device more compact. Instead of using electrical currency to send signals, a wireless thermostat uses remote frequency. Since the inception of the wireless programmable thermostats there has been a lot of products to hit the market.
There are different kinds of thermostats and you want to be sure to  read the full reviews on this site. These Internet thermostats will vary according to mode of operation, size, efficiency, and of course brand names. Despite their differences, they all feature a common aspect which is the absence of any wires or cables and their main purpose is to conserve energy. Over the years, the following types of the thermostats have been made available to the public:

Remote Controlled Thermostat

This is the most common type of wireless thermostat. A user will use a remote control to control the room temperature. The frequency is usually sent through “infra red” waves. Some control modules are able to control the thermostat from a longer distance than others. Modern control modules are coming with LCD displays which also allow a user to get information such as room temperature, outdoor temperature, clock, battery charge, as well as power consumption.

Wi-Fi or Internet Thermostat

This is among the latest addition of the thermostats. It is also referred to as  an IP thermostat or smart thermostat. An user is able to operate the thermostat remotely through the Interneton any type of wireless device. This is possible even when the user is located at a distant location. In order to control the device, the consumer uses a computer, laptop, a webpage, as well as a smart phone.

Wireless Thermostat Review Benefits:

The inception of thermostats with wireless capability brought a lot of relief to many people. These devices come with a wide array of advantages which are as follows:

· Convenience: – Gone are the days when a person had to physically manage the temperatures. This was not only cumbersome, but also inconveniencing. Most wall mounted thermostats were very manual, hence lacked the precision of the wireless gadgets.

· Ease of Installation: – One of the main drawbacks of the conventional thermostat was the need to connect wires in the room. This has been completely removed in the wireless thermostat. The installation process is a simple and straightforward process.

· Power saving: – These thermostats can be programmed to adjust the room temperature, instead of the device running on continuously even when the room temperature is ideal, the wireless thermostat switches off. This reduces the amount your spending on energy bills.

· User-Friendly:- Controlling the device is more user-friendly than a manual thermostat. You also get instant response by just pressing a button from the convenience of your bed or chair.

· Programmable: – The thermostats especially the Wi-Fi thermostats come with the option of programming the device. As a user, you are able to set when the temperature should reach a certain level or when the device should start controlling the temperature. This not only gives you maximum satisfaction, but also ensures you have peace of mind of knowing how comfortable you want a room setting to be.

How To Install A Thermostat

Since there aren’t any wiring, just about anyone can install one of these thermostats in a short time. Parts of the system includes a battery operated thermostat, receiver panel, and return air sensor. The thermostat can be installed as a new device or a replacement for a wall mounted thermostat. The installation process is as follows:

· Switch off power to the furnace

· Open the heating furnace

· Locate wires currently connecting the furnace

· Identify the right voltage wires

· Connect HVAC wires to the receiver using the red and blue wires

· Attach the rest of the wires

· Power on the device

· Finally press the receiver button to connect to the sensor

For anyone who is not comfortable working around electrical circuits, this is probably not the best task for you. Nonetheless, many electricians as well as dealers can carry out the process on your behalf.

What to Consider When Planning To Install a Wireless Thermostat.

Although the operation and installation of the thermostats is standard, there are several aspects you might need to consider before switching from a wall mounted to a wireless thermostat. Identifying the regions you intend to place the device is very important. Some thermostats have a weaker signal than others. You therefore need to know how you will be using the remote. It is always advisable to go for a remote with a powerful signal as it can reach even in rooms that are far off. The screen display is also very essential. Some gadgets come with a small screen that is cramped with too much unnecessary information. A proper display needs to be clear and easy to read. This makes it easy to regulate the temperature setting.

As technology continues to improve, many types and brands of thermostats continue to hit the market . Although this might seem as a boom, it can also be a challenge as it makes it much harder to choose the best wireless thermostat. In order to make a safe purchase, it is important to deal with well known and reputable dealers. It is also beneficial to buy brands that have good reputation and also offer the longest warranty. Prior to buying the device, it is highly advisable to read our in-depth reviews on wireless thermostats.