Serta CR-43538PB Santa Cruz Collection Review 2019

What’s not to love about the Serta CR-43538PB Santa Cruz Collection? This is a beautiful fabric sofa that is the perfect complement to any modern home. Tool-free assembly allows you to quickly assemble your sofa and enjoy it within an hour.

This model even ships in one single box, allowing for easy maneuverability when bringing it into your home.

Before we dive right into our Serta CR-43538PB Santa Cruz Collection review, let’s discuss the pros and cons that we found during our review.


  • Very easy to put together and requires no tools during assembly.
  • The cushions are firm enough to support your back, yet soft enough to be comfortable.
  • Includes 2 matching decorative pillows.
  • The fabric is very well sewn together, and the construction is very solid and durable.


  • The back of the sofa is a little lower than what is expected from the picture and video.

Our Assessment

If you’ve ever read Serta sofa reviews before, you know that the company makes durable products that are worth every penny. We tested the Santa Cruz Collection, and we couldn’t have been happier with the quality and durability of this model.

The cushions are soft enough to be very comfortable even after hours of sitting and watching television, but not so soft that they have no back support.

We did want to mention that the back is slightly lower than what you see in the picture, but this is not much of concern.

For the extremely low cost of this sofa, you honestly can’t go wrong with your purchase. Serta even includes two decorative pillows that provide the perfect contrast to the sofa, allowing for a professional look when viewed in your home.

We simply loved the easy assembly of this sofa. It was both fun and uncomplicated – unusual for any piece of furniture.

Full Review of the Serta Santa Cruz Collection

We’ve written so many sofa bed reviews, but this one has been a true joy for us to review. We simply love the comfort and ease of this model as well as its low price point that is perfect for smaller apartments or even homes.


We can’t say enough about the assembly process of the Santa Cruz. It’s so easy to assemble this model that we actually had fun during the process – a rarity for us. First, this is a tool-free assembly, which allows you to quickly and easily assemble the couch without having to grab a screwdriver or a hammer in the process.

Instructions are clear and concise, and assembly can take anywhere between 20 minutes to one hour depending on your experience.

Hint: When assembling this model, the cushions will come shrink-wrapped in plastic. I recommend trying to put the covers in place first and then removing the plastic so that the cushions don’t expand, which makes it a little bit more difficult to put the upholstery covers in place afterwards.

Several Size Options

I do want to make note that I am reviewing the 78�? sofa. But, there are three unique size options available that are perfect for any home:

  • 61 inch loveseat
  • 73 inch sofa
  • 78 inch sofa

There are also three unique color options to choose from. Don’t worry, the fabric for each model is the same, so you’ll still enjoy the same great feel and comfort of your sofa. The colors you can choose from include:

  • Platinum
  • Brown
  • Mink Brown

Personally, I like the platinum look. This is a lighter color than the darker brown, which isn’t my personal favorite.

Durable Construction

One of my biggest concerns with all of my sleeper sofa reviews is that I never know if the construction will be optimal. Unfortunately, you never really know what the construction will be like until you try it out for yourself. But the construction on this model really surprised me. It’s highly durable and very well-constructed.

Serta has provided a diagram to explain how the count is constructed internally. This provides us with a little bit of insight into just how durable this model is. The diagram shows:

  • Premium S coils have been added underneath the cushion to provide added support when sitting on the sofa.
  • The hardwood frame allows for the utmost in durability.
  • In the back of the seat, premium ultra-wide back straps have been included to provide that extra firmness you need when sitting on a couch comfortably. This ensures that your back has some sort of support.
  • The arms of the couch have a hardboard interlining so that they never lose their firmness or durability.
  • Solid wood footers are used on the bottom of the couch, which is very nice as they won’t break like plastic models do.

Cushioning and Comfort

When it comes to comfort, this sofa is a great option. If you’re like me, you want the cushions of your couch to be soft, but still provide support for your back, so it’s not aching every time you get up.

The cushions themselves are made from premium quality polyester fiber on the back and feature pocket coils for support and comfort on the bottom. These pocket coils are made of high density polyethylene foam at the center. Surrounding the center coils at the top is premium quality polyester fiber, which allows you to sink into your cushion just enough. The extra support of the foam and the coils ensures that your cushions won’t sag in few weeks.

Serta furniture reviews always have one thing in common – people love the Serta brand.

And the Santa Cruz collection demonstrates just how affordable a great couch or sofa can be. You have many options to choose from in terms of size, and the loveseat (from what I’ve heard) is an amazing option for smaller areas, such as a flat or an apartment where you might be low on space.

Serta has also included two beautiful decorative pillows with each size sofa.

Stylish and affordable, we recommend the Santa Cruz collection to anyone looking for an affordable, beautiful couch.