Top 10 Most Popular Types of Sofas 2019

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You need a new sofa. You have a budget, but you’re not sure what type of sofa to get. Is a sleeper sofa the best option for when the in-laws drop in unexpectedly, or is a sectional better for those holiday parties you host every year?

There are variety of different sofa types to choose from, and the right one for you will depend on your personal taste and needs.

1.     Traditional Sofa

A traditional sofa is what most people are familiar with. They can seat two or three people with ease, and are available in a variety of styles and colors. From traditional to contemporary, you’ll find many different options with traditional sofas.

Most traditional sofas are placed in living rooms or family rooms for entertaining. Typically, these furniture pieces are simple in nature, although some may feature an extendable foot rest or reclining back.

2.     Convertible Sofa

Convertible sofas are a popular choice for studio apartments and other areas where space is limited. Very similar to a sleeper sofa, these furniture pieces can act as both a sofa and a bed. The primary difference between a convertible and a sleeper sofa is that a convertible sofa uses its cushions as the mattress.

Generally, convertible couches are more popular than sleepers because they’re easier to use and more affordable.

3.     Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas are a great choice for small living spaces and for guests. Depending on the size of sofa, the included bed may be able to accommodate up to three people. Acting as a sofa by day and bed by night, a sleeper sofa actually has a folded bed frame and mattress built in. All of the cushions and pillows are removable, which allows you to access the bed and easily pull it out.

The only issue with sofa beds is that they tend to be significantly heavier than a traditional or convertible sofa.

4.     Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa blends seamlessly into modern homes with contemporary décor. Unlike traditional sofas, sectionals can be taken apart and moved to different areas of the room.

The great thing about sectional sofas is that they allow for flexibility, so you can change the layout of your space with ease. If you’re having guests over, you can move one area of the sectional to the other side of the room to allow guests to sit and talk.

You’ll find sectionals in both circular and L-shaped designs. You have a variety of different options when choosing this type of sofa, and will have the option to choose pieces with reclining functions or extendable foot rests.

5.     Pull Out Sofa Bed

A pull out sofa bed is, essentially, the same thing as a sleeper sofa. These couches have a built in bed frame and mattress that folds up underneath the cushions. Removing the cushions will allow you to access the bed and pull it out for you or your guests to use.

Depending on the type you choose, the mattress may be made of foam, or it may be a traditional spring-type mattress.

Because comfort levels can vary greatly from one model to another, it’s best to try out sleeper sofas in person before buying one.

6.     Futon Sofa

Futons are another type of sofa that can act as both a seating area and a bed. Of all the sleeper-type sofas available, futons are typically the most affordable. Their designs are contemporary, and most models include a mechanism that allows you pull down the back of the futon to convert it into a bed.

Generally speaking, futons having a thinner mattress. And like a convertible sofa, the cushions typically acts as the mattress as well. Most cushions are one single unit as opposed to two or three separate cushions.

7.     Loveseat

Loveseats are another great option when space is limited. These sofas can seat one or two people comfortably. Like traditional sofas, you have a variety of different options when it comes to styles and colors. In a way, loveseats are simply mini versions of traditional sofas. And some models do come with a reclining function or extendable footrest.

8.     Divan

Divan sofas are unique in that they don’t have a back. Many people choose to place these sofas up against a wall, but it’s also not uncommon to find them in the middle of a room. They’re often used for lounging and laying down as opposed to sitting upright.

9.     Bunk Bed Sleeper

Bunk bed sleepers are a new and modern take on the sleeper sofa. Like a regular sofa bed, they look just like a regular couch when closed. However, the unique design of this sofa’s construction allows the front solid cushion to be lifted up. Metal bars and an included metal ladder help to keep the bed in place during use. Down below, a mattress is located underneath where the original cushion sat.

10.   Daybed

Daybeds are great for lounging as well as sleeping, sitting and reclining. Experts describe this sofa type as a combination of a couch, chaise and a bed. Most daybeds have a back and a side, and come in twin size.

Some models will include a trundle that allows you to expand the sleeping capacity of the bed. Trundles may stay firmly in place to offer an additional bed for sleeping, or they may lift up to expand the size of the top bed.

With so many different types of sofas available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your home. Considering your needs and budget will help you select a type that will add beauty, comfort and function to your space.

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What Types of Fabric are Available for Furniture 2019?

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When shopping for a new sofa or best sofa bed, style and design may be your top priorities, but it’s important not to overlook the importance of the fabric used to create the furniture. There are a variety of different fabrics used for the upholstery, and each one has its own unique set of characteristics. Some are easy to maintain or more durable than others, so it’s important to consider fabrics when choosing new furniture. Otherwise, you may just wind up with a sofa that can’t stand up to kids and pets.

While there are a variety of fabrics to choose from, we’re going to cover the most common and popular types to help you find the right one for your needs.

Natural Upholstery Fabric


Cotton is a natural choice when choosing durable furniture. This natural fabric offers optimal resistance to fading, wearing and pilling, but is more prone to wrinkling and soiling. Cotton is more flammable, too. In many cases, cotton is blended with other fibers to counteract these weaknesses.

The durability of cotton furniture will depend on the weave and the finish of the fabric. You’ll find a variety of different weaves with cotton fabric, including:

  • Damask: Formal
  • Canvas (sailcloth and duck): More durable and designed for casual use

Cotton’s durability and easy maintenance make it a great choice for most families.


Leather is a naturally durable fabric that’s easy to clean and very forgiving. You’ll find leather couches in a variety of different finishes and colors. The wonderful thing about this material is that it has great character and softens over time.

Maintenance is important with leather furniture. Saddle soap and leather conditioner can be used to keep the material looking its best.


Linen wrinkles and soils very easily, so it’s not the ideal choice for casual use. This fabric is best suited for formal use, or an adult area that will not be used often. Linen cannot withstand heavy use, but it’s resistant to fading and pilling.

Another drawback of linen is that it must be cleaned professionally to avoid shrinking the fabric.


Made from animal hair, wool is durable, sturdy and warm. It also offers great resistance to fading, pilling, soiling and wrinkling. Rarely will you find pure wool furniture. Most of the time, wool is blended with a synthetic fiber to reduce the possibility of felting and making it easier to clean.

Cotton Blend

Cotton blend fabrics are a great choice for families because they’re incredibly sturdy. A stain-resistant finish is often applied to these fabrics to improve durability during everyday use.


Because of its delicate nature, silk is best suited for furniture that will only be used by adults, such as formal living areas. If soiled or stained, silk must be cleaned professionally. Its delicacy and difficult maintenance make silk an unpopular choice for furniture upholstery.


Although ramie fabric absorbs moisture, it’s highly resistant to stains – which is a bonus for families. One of the strongest fibers in the world, ramie is an eco-friendly choice to synthetic fibers, and is 8 times stronger than cotton.


Hemp is a highly durable fabric, although it wrinkles easily. The hemp plant is processed to separate it into fibers, and those fibers are woven together to create fabric.

The wonderful thing about hemp is that it resembles linen both in texture and appearance, but offers warmth and softness with incredibly durability.

Synthetic Upholstery Fabric


Originally developed as a wool imitation, acrylic is resistant to soiling, wrinkling, fading and soiling. That said, poor quality acrylic fabric is highly vulnerable to pilling, especially in areas that are prone to abrasion. High quality acrylic will not pill as easily.


Developed as a silk imitation, acetate is resistant to pilling, shrinking and mildew. On the downside, this fabric is prone to wrinkling, wearing, fading and soiling. Like silk, acetate is not a good fit for heavy everyday use.


Rayon was developed to be a silk, cotton and linen imitation. This fabric is highly durable, but prone to wrinkling. Advancements made by manufacturers have made rayon a much more durable and practical option for furniture.


Nylon is commonly blended with other fibers to create one of the most durable fabrics available. It’s highly resilient, and resistant to wrinkling and soiling. It can fade and pill over time, however.


If you’re furniture will get heavy use, olefin is a great fabric to choose. With low moisture absorption and resistance to staining, sunlight, abrasion and chemicals, this is one of the best furniture fabrics for families.


Like nylon, polyester is typically blended with other fibers to improve its qualities. Blended polyester fabrics are resistant to wrinkles and fading.


Microfiber is soft, lightweight and highly absorbent. It won’t wrinkle or stain easily, and when electrostatically charged, will pick up dust without leaving any lint behind.


Vinyl is inexpensive and easy to care for, which makes it a practical choice for families. That said, the texture of the fabric is not always favorable, especially during the hot summer months.

Which Sofa Bed Size is Right for You 2019?

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When buying a sleeper sofa, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is size. Sofa beds come in a wide range of different sizes, and the right one for you will depend on a variety of different factors. The helpful guide below will help you determine which size sofa is the right choice for you and your family.

What Sizes are Available?

First, it’s important to consider which sizes are available to you. This alone might help you decide what size will be the right choice for you.

There are generally four mattress sizes available in sofa beds, but keep in mind that these sizes are slightly smaller than their traditional mattress counterparts. They’re also thinner, so they can easily fold up and fit into the sofa.

Twin Size Sofa Bed

A twin sofa sleeper is typically found in a loveseat. These are slightly smaller than the traditional twin size mattress, and are a great choice for single guests. However, you may be able to accommodate two (possibly three) small children with a twin mattress.

Although smaller, this is the ideal apartment size sofa bed because it doesn’t take up much space.

Sofa Bed Full Size

A full sofa bed is about the same size as a traditional full-size mattress, and is the most common size available. These are a great option if you need to accommodate a couple, or two guests. A full size mattress can easily accommodate two people comfortably, but may be able to accommodate three small children.

Sofa Bed Queen Size

A queen size sofa bed is a little trickier to find. They tend to only be available with larger sofas, which may not be ideal for many families. Although more comfortable, a mattress of this size can also be difficult and heavy to pull out.

That said, a queen-size mattress can easily accommodate three adult guests, or four children.

King Size Sofa Bed

King size sleeper sofas are very rare, but not impossible to find. Sleeper sofas of this size tend to be of the highest quality and come at a higher cost as a result. Because of their very large size, a king size sofa may not be practical for every family.

Most king-size mattresses can accommodate three to four adults or children.

How Many Guests Will You Need to Accommodate?

Now that you have a general idea of what sizes are available, you need to consider how many guests you will need to accommodate.

If you only anticipate ever needing to accommodate 1 to 2 guests at a time, a twin or full size sofa bed is a great option. If you’ll need to accommodate three to four guests, or a smaller family, a queen or king size may be the best option.

Consider, honestly, how many overnight guests you receive and any other sleeping arrangements you may be able to offer. If you have a guest bedroom, for example, it may not be necessary to invest in a king size sleeper sofa.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Another very important thing you’ll need to consider is the amount of space you have. The larger the mattress size, the larger the sofa will be.

Let’s take a look at the average sleeper dimension ranges for each size:

  • Twin sofa bed: 50”-68”
  • Full size sleeper sofa: 67”-83”
  • Queen size sleeper sofa: 75”-96”
  • King size sleeper sofa: 87”-100”

As you can see, a king size sofa will take up a considerable amount of space (a minimum of 7.25 feet). And these measurements only pertain to the width of the sofa. Also, you’ll have to consider how much space the mattress will take up once it’s opened. Some king size mattresses will extend out 85,” so you need a generous amount of space to accommodate such a large sofa bed.

For most families, a sofa with a twin or full size mattress is the ideal choice. Queens are great for homes with a little more space, but a king sofa bed will require a significant amount of space. This may be an option for a guest bedroom, but likely not an ideal choice for a living area.

How Often Will the Bed Be Used?

Lastly, you need to consider how often the bed will be used. If you will need to accommodate guests 1 to 2 times a year, it may not be worth it to invest in a king size sleeper. However, if you use the bed daily, you may consider a larger mattress size for added comfort.

Finding the right size and best sofa bed doesn’t have to be a chore. Knowing how many guests you’ll need to accommodate, how much space you have, and how often you’ll be using the bed will help you decide which size is the right choice for you and your home.


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The Best Wireless Programmable Thermostat Reviews

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Choosing the best wireless thermostat can be a daunting task today.  Programmable thermostats  are hitting the market on a daily basis making the challenge of choosing what is best for you in terms of style, price and ease of use.

We’ve dug in  and pulled out some very pertinent information to provide the best wireless thermostat reviews on the Internet.

We know that having a home programmable room thermostat plays an important role for comfort and convenience not only in the home but in the office as well. The importance of programmable heating will mostly be appreciated during the cold seasons such as fall and winter. People use several methods to heat their homes, this includes gas or electric heating. Despite the mode of heating, it is always important to use a reliable thermostat to control the heat. A wireless thermostat basically regulates the temperatures thus creating the ideal environment. For a longtime, people have been using traditional wall mounted thermostats, however this is quickly changing overtime. People are now turning to wireless thermostats as the more preferred option.

What Is A Wireless Thermostat?

A wireless thermostat is simply a programmable room thermostat that operates without any need to attach electrical wires to it. Traditionally, programmable thermostats came with wires that were connected to the heating device. These cables or wires were used to transmit the signal or frequency which enabled the device to regulate the temperature. However, a wireless room thermostat adjusts the room temperature remotely. No wires are present in the gadget, consequently making the device more compact. Instead of using electrical currency to send signals, a wireless thermostat uses remote frequency. Since the inception of the wireless programmable thermostats there has been a lot of products to hit the market.
There are different kinds of thermostats and you want to be sure to  read the full reviews on this site. These Internet thermostats will vary according to mode of operation, size, efficiency, and of course brand names. Despite their differences, they all feature a common aspect which is the absence of any wires or cables and their main purpose is to conserve energy. Over the years, the following types of the thermostats have been made available to the public:

Remote Controlled Thermostat

This is the most common type of wireless thermostat. A user will use a remote control to control the room temperature. The frequency is usually sent through “infra red” waves. Some control modules are able to control the thermostat from a longer distance than others. Modern control modules are coming with LCD displays which also allow a user to get information such as room temperature, outdoor temperature, clock, battery charge, as well as power consumption.

Wi-Fi or Internet Thermostat

This is among the latest addition of the thermostats. It is also referred to as  an IP thermostat or smart thermostat. An user is able to operate the thermostat remotely through the Interneton any type of wireless device. This is possible even when the user is located at a distant location. In order to control the device, the consumer uses a computer, laptop, a webpage, as well as a smart phone.

Wireless Thermostat Review Benefits:

The inception of thermostats with wireless capability brought a lot of relief to many people. These devices come with a wide array of advantages which are as follows:

· Convenience: – Gone are the days when a person had to physically manage the temperatures. This was not only cumbersome, but also inconveniencing. Most wall mounted thermostats were very manual, hence lacked the precision of the wireless gadgets.

· Ease of Installation: – One of the main drawbacks of the conventional thermostat was the need to connect wires in the room. This has been completely removed in the wireless thermostat. The installation process is a simple and straightforward process.

· Power saving: – These thermostats can be programmed to adjust the room temperature, instead of the device running on continuously even when the room temperature is ideal, the wireless thermostat switches off. This reduces the amount your spending on energy bills.

· User-Friendly:- Controlling the device is more user-friendly than a manual thermostat. You also get instant response by just pressing a button from the convenience of your bed or chair.

· Programmable: – The thermostats especially the Wi-Fi thermostats come with the option of programming the device. As a user, you are able to set when the temperature should reach a certain level or when the device should start controlling the temperature. This not only gives you maximum satisfaction, but also ensures you have peace of mind of knowing how comfortable you want a room setting to be.

How To Install A Thermostat

Since there aren’t any wiring, just about anyone can install one of these thermostats in a short time. Parts of the system includes a battery operated thermostat, receiver panel, and return air sensor. The thermostat can be installed as a new device or a replacement for a wall mounted thermostat. The installation process is as follows:

· Switch off power to the furnace

· Open the heating furnace

· Locate wires currently connecting the furnace

· Identify the right voltage wires

· Connect HVAC wires to the receiver using the red and blue wires

· Attach the rest of the wires

· Power on the device

· Finally press the receiver button to connect to the sensor

For anyone who is not comfortable working around electrical circuits, this is probably not the best task for you. Nonetheless, many electricians as well as dealers can carry out the process on your behalf.

What to Consider When Planning To Install a Wireless Thermostat.

Although the operation and installation of the thermostats is standard, there are several aspects you might need to consider before switching from a wall mounted to a wireless thermostat. Identifying the regions you intend to place the device is very important. Some thermostats have a weaker signal than others. You therefore need to know how you will be using the remote. It is always advisable to go for a remote with a powerful signal as it can reach even in rooms that are far off. The screen display is also very essential. Some gadgets come with a small screen that is cramped with too much unnecessary information. A proper display needs to be clear and easy to read. This makes it easy to regulate the temperature setting.

As technology continues to improve, many types and brands of thermostats continue to hit the market . Although this might seem as a boom, it can also be a challenge as it makes it much harder to choose the best wireless thermostat. In order to make a safe purchase, it is important to deal with well known and reputable dealers. It is also beneficial to buy brands that have good reputation and also offer the longest warranty. Prior to buying the device, it is highly advisable to read our in-depth reviews on wireless thermostats.

Homewerks Radio Thermostat

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How would you like to control your heating and cooling without trying to learn a complicated thermostat program? I simplicity is what you are looking for then Homewerks Radio Thermostat may fit the bill.  The Homewerks Radio Thermostat CT-80-H-K1 Wireless Thermostat with Wi-Fi Module, Dual Wireless Inputs and Touch Screen.  This wireless thermostat is easy to learn and can be controlled through your Internet.  Most people already have access to online so configuring this device is very easy.

The most modern and technologically advanced wireless thermostats today are called “smart” thermostats, and for good reason.

What does the Homewerks Radio Thermostat CT-80-H-K1 has to offer:

  • Touch screen functionality
  • Wireless that include Wi-Fi Power module.
  • Is 7-day programmable.
  • Works with nearly every HVAC system.
  • Designed for use with 24-volt AC and millivolt systems (needs a 24 vac power adapter)
  • True auto mode that can switch automatically between heat and cooling systems.
  • Will hold up to seven independent programmable periods per day.
  • Works with HVAC sytem based on humidity, not temperature only.
  • Dual Wireless Input.
  • Great customer service

Homwerks Radio Thermostat Cons:

  • Most consumers complained of wireless connection issues either with setup or connectivity.
  • Wifi doesn’t work with batteries
  • Have to pay an additional service fee if you want to get a log of usage
  • One consumer complained the screws and wire connectors are REALLY hard to get to

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost for this type of technology doesn’t come cheap, but it will pay for itself quickly with the money you save on your energy bill.  The suggested retail price is almost $300, but on Amazon we found the Homewerks Radio Thermostat CT-80-H-K1 for far less. Plus the additional savings you get on the free shipping. You can also compare other Homwerks Radio Thermostats.

Why Do Customers Like This Wireless Thermostat?

“Works great and was easy to setup.”
“Pretty cool to make a change on the iPhone and see the thermostat reacts a couple seconds later.”
“I am very impressed with this technology, it changed my life, with a new born baby, and I can now arrive to my weekend place with the house at the right temperature.”

Homewerks Radio Thermostat CT-80-H-K1 Review Summary

In conclusion our research finds the Homewerks Radio Thermostat CT-80-K1 is easy to set up; which helps you get started controlling the heating or cooling in your home sooner.  We especially liked that you can have seven temperature changes programmed into the system for each day if needed.

We did find one customer who was not pleased with the customer service they received, but other than that we found no  complaints about this unit.

Another great feature of this unit is that according to Energy Star, many homeowners will save up to $180 per year by properly setting their thermostats.  We not only recommend the Homewerks Radio Thermostat C-80-K1, we suggest you save all you can by purchasing it on Amazon by click here.

See how the Homewerks Radio Thermostat C-80-K1 compares to other wireless thermostats on wireless thermostat reviews.

Filtrete Wireless Thermostat

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Most of us have unpredictable schedules that cause us to spend less time in our homes. No matter where you live, may it be in the hottest climates such as Florida or the coldest climates of Maine, having the convenience of home automation to control your heating or air condition comes in very handy. Therefore having the right tool such as the 3M Filtrete wireless thermostat to control your heating and air conditioning is a big plus. It boils down to never again having to worry if you forget to adjust the thermostat setting before leaving the house for just a few days or arrive to a cold or overheated house.Now you will be able to turn on your heat or AC from your Smartphone or computer via a wireless connection so when you finally reach home it is at a comfortable setting.

If you are looking to upgrade your old and ugly conventional thermostat to a smart programmable thermostat and don’t want to spend the high price of a thermostat, then the Filtrete  wireless thermostat may be exactly what you are looking for. The cost of 3M Filtrete Thermostat is a lot less than the higher end thermostats, although it offers some of the same features for a fraction of the price.

Here Is What The Filtrete Wireless Thermostat Has To Offer:

  • This wireless thermostat is a Wi-Fi touch screen programmable thermostat that conserves energy by allowing you to control the temperature of your home or office via a wireless device such as an IPhone, Android, computer or tablet.
  • There is a 7 day programmable option is available including an away button that comes in handy if you plan on spending any considerable time away from home or office.
  • This thermostat is energy efficient and very easy to install.
  • Offers a  5 year warranty

What You Might Be Concerned About The Filtrete Wireless Thermostat:

  • It Won’t Work On Less than 24 Volts or Type “N” Router
  • Wi-Fi feature requires using 3rd party CLOUD
  • No direct control without a “cloud” account


As far as programmable thermostat brands are concerned. Not only is the Filtrete thermostat controls and monitor your home or office temperature from almost anywhere via internet. 3M claims their wireless thermostat can help reduce your heating/cooling costs considerably when used as instructed thus becoming an energy power saver. It is easy to install and connects to your wireless devices. It has better scheduling options than some of the most expensive wireless thermostats. It can be used to program 7-day, 5-1-1 and 5-2 Energy-saving home and away button. It has a 5-year warranty and a change filter indicator for cleaner air. It also has a vacation and holiday program.  Full or partial systems lock functionality.  Mercury free, to keep your mind at ease when away from home. It is affordable and normally shipped the same day ordered. It has received mixed reviews from its customers although mostly good. Most of the bad reviews were directly related to wireless connectivity issues.  We found the better you understand how a wireless network works the easier it would be for you to setup.  In our opinion the Filtrete Wireless Thermostat is an affordable option if you are not willing to lay down big bucks click the button below.

CyberStat CY1201- Wireless Internet Thermostat

Published by:

What makes the CyberStat CY1201 a must have if you are in the market for a wireless thermostat. It not only controls your air-conditioning but your heating system as well from just about anywhere in the world. It only needs a onetime set up and once activated your temperature can be controlled by the radio thermostat Wifi through any internet enabled device.

This wireless internet thermostat runs on power supplied by an HVAC unit. It requires a common wire in the thermostat wiring to connect. If a common wire is missing then external power supply must be used. Power supply 6 V DC to 24 V DC or 24 V AC is required along with a Wi-Fi connection with 802.11b compatible router or access point. CyberStat CY1201 is compatible with most HVAC systems except line-voltage baseboard heaters. This wireless room thermostat is compatible with two-wire and millivolt heating systems; however, external power supply is needed. CY1201 supports 1C/1H stages for conventional system and 1C/2H stages for heat pump systems as well.

For initial setup, any device connected to internet is required like an iPad, iPhone, IPod, Mac laptop, Linux laptop, Windows laptop or android based phone with hotspot capability. Please be aware that Android based tablets cannot be used for initial setup for CyberStat 1st generation. After initial setup, you can use any internet connected device including an Android tablet to access CyberStat. The second generation Cyberstat CY1101 can be setup from Android.

Once the set up is complete, it turns any internet connected device into a remote climate control where people can increase or decrease the temperature of the room using it. This smart thermosstat offers three seasonal schedules that can be used easily as seasons change, switch between schedules can be done with a simple click of a button. Its temperature accuracy is ±1°F. It also gives temporary and permanent overrides for comfort. One of the things I liked most about this wireless internet thermostat is that it has a large two-digit, seven-segment LED display that can be seen clearly from across the room. The changes will be alerted through email and therefore you will be able to rest easy.

This wireless internet  thermostat comes with a five year warranty. Extremely economical in today’s market, CyberStat CY1201 is backed by fantastic technical support team and customer service. It helps people save energy and electricity bills with the accessibility it provides.

CyberStat CY1201 Pros:

  • Very low price among same type products
  • Outrageously good support technical and customer as well.
  • Web interface is simple and functional and with regular email alerts
  • Operates smoothly from anywhere
  • Helps save on electricity and electric bills.

CyberStat CY1201 Cons:

  • Bright light of the display cannot be reduced and can sometime hinder at night.
  • CyberStat CY1201 cannot be operated unless their server is connected through the internet. If their server goes down or internet connection fails then things will have to be done manually.
  • If the connection is made for an old house with a two wire thermostat, then a third common wire is required and wiring to be done before installation.

CyberStat CY1201 Conclusion:

A very economical product to have, easy to install and it performs as promised. The best part is it saves power and the electric bills are reduced. Issues are taken care of by an excellent tech support. We found that Amazon offered the lowest price and best guarantee, check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Brief Review of the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

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It is amazing to think that not that long ago, a mere four to five years ago, that beige little box on the wall was not even thought about. The only thoughts that it seemed to provoke was of how aesthetically unpleasing, annoying and complicated it really was. Nowadays, people generally love their thermostats, millions of homes the world over have a Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation placed on their walls.

About the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

One of the biggest hopes with this thermostat was that things would change, big things such as the way energy was consumed by the general public. It seems that more aware people become of the amount of energy being used, the more they find ways to lower their consumption.

There is actual proof that the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation actually does help people to save on their energy. As of 2011, over four billion kWh of energy in million of homes the world over, have been saved. There have been independent studies which that people were able to save an average of ten to twelve per cent on their heating bills and around fifteen percent was saved on their cooling bills. This means that in only two years, maybe even less, the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation can pay for itself, things only keep getting better, what is not to love about that?

The Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation is sleeker, thinner and more beautiful than its precursor. There is now something new that is being offered by the Nest Learning Thermostat, this is being called Farsight. When someone enters the room, Farsight will light up and show the time or temperature which have been set. The clock face can be either analog or digital, your choice, it’s big and bright enough to be seen from across the room.

Since it contains more temperature sensors, it is a lot more accurate, it is great at learning all about your home. It becomes familiar with the way it cools and heats, how drafty it can be, etc. and is therefore able to adjust accordingly.

If your furnace is not functioning properly, your Nest Thermostat will inform you. Generally heating as well as forced air furnaces have a shutoff that is automatic preventing overheating. Your Nest Thermostat will always be on the lookout for certain shut off patterns which are indicators of a recurring `problem with your furnace. If something is not normal, every time you are using the heating, you will receive a “Furnace Heads-Up” message on your thermostat screen as well as your tablet or phone. Your monthly Home Report will also contain a notification on this matter.

As with every Nest product, with the use of software updates and technological advancements we predict that the Nest Thermostat will only continue to get better and find even more ways to make things more accommodating and thoughtful. This will make your home a more comfortable, accommodating and thoughtful place to live.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Review

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The Ecobee Smart Thermostat allows you to regulate the temperature in your home can be a real challenge, especially when you are not home. One way to solve this problem is by using what is known as a “Smart” thermostat in your home. This smart thermostat is made for people that want more control over their home and their energy bill.

The truth is that energy bills can eat up a lot of our financial budget if we are not careful. When you use an Ecobee smart thermostat you will get the help you need to keep those cost under control. So what makes this thermostat so special? Well, let’s take a look at some of the features and specifications, so you can judge for yourself.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Features:

  • It takes up very little room as it weighs only 1.5 pounds. The dimensions are 3.25 inches wide, 5.50 inches long, and one inch high.
  • Color is white, which goes with any decor.
  • It has a user interface for setting up a personalized program.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi enabled, where you can adjust settings from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Comes with live weather functions.
  • Apps are available for your Apple IOS or Google Android smart phones and tablets.
  • Has 7-Day programming, 365 day scheduling, and vacation programming available.

You will need Broadband Internet access for the Wi-Fi, weather, and Mobile features, so take that into consideration before purchasing.

The Ecobee EB-STAT-02 smart thermostat has a full color screen and a secure online web portal as well. This is where you will manage the thermostat from remote locations, plus you can run diagnostics when needed.

How Much Does Ecobee Smart Thermostat Cost?

The price of the Ecobee smart thermostat can vary from store to store. Our research on this product revealed that the suggested retail for this product is around $454; however, we found this same thermostat on Amazon for only $272.27. It also ships for free so that is even more of a savings!

What Customers Are Saying?

  • “I LOVE this thermostat!”
  • “Perfect for a vacation home provided you have WI-FI.”
  • “It has a very flexible program for all times of the day and week, and a vacation setting.”
  • “The price I paid for the thing has already been forgotten and I’m simply happy to have it around. It does its job well!”

*** See what other customers are saying on Amazon by clicking here.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Review Summary

When we review a product, we love to report the pros and the cons of it, and we found only a couple of complaints about this unit. One customer didn’t like the fact that there was no indicator light to show if the unit was on cool or heat, while another said theirs would not work unless close to the Internet modem.

Everyone else loved the wireless thermostat and we certainly feel safe in recommending it. This smart thermostat is named “smart” for a good reason and we feel it is definitely worth the price. The important thing is to get a smart thermostat for your home and start being in charge of your cooling and heating today! Check out the NEW Ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor, Wi-Fi, 2nd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa

Honeywell WIFI Thermostat

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Honeywell WIFI Thermostat: Smart And Reliable

For an industry that has probably seen the best of the best, it is now very clear; the only way to widen the grip of the market and leave your profits soaring up the roof is to design the best. It seemed the designers of the new Honeywell Smart Thermostat had this in mind. Just for the few months this item has been in the market, it has completely changed the way things used to be done in the past. It is a whole new piece of technology, for the remote thermostat has now gotten a whole lot easier.

Key Features:

When you talk of great features, this Honeywell WIFI thermostat has it all. The presentation has been taken into a whole new level. It exhumes quality, efficiency and the actual time it took the creators to mold before making it available to millions and millions of people. Here is a list of its key features.

  1. Remote controlled; with this alone, you can easily control your thermostat and receive alerts via tablet or computer
  2. WiFi Enabled; Just for simple and incredibly secured connection to your business premise or home
  3. Compatible with most of the cooling and heating home systems such as heat pump, electric system and a number of forced air systems, you cannot really get enough of it.
  4. Advanced fan, as well as, comfort control; not only does this feature help you in air circulation, but can also regulate the temperatures through out.


Having a closer look at what you can get from this item, it is obvious the creators tried to nail everything that you can possibly need. The user interface in both the thermostat itself and the Honeywell’s web has been taken a notch higher; it is extremely easy to use and quite intuitive. Besides, the display which shows every single detail in one screen.

The thermostat coming fully equipped with some preset color options, the screen can easily blend perfectly well with your location.

It is efficiency and quite reliable


Technically, there has been no major complaint that has been reported so far. However, a number of people have said the outdoor temperature tends to lag from the actual temperature. Nonetheless, other people have found some issues with the functionality of the WIFI; another area that needs to be looked at.

Bottom line; this is a great piece of technology for everything the company has said are all true. Coming with avalanche of great features, this Honeywell WIFI thermostat is going to revolutionize the industry for a little while.

Nest Learning Thermostat

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In a world where everyone wants the best technology,  the Nest Learning Thermostat that fits right in. This thermostat can actually learn about your home and how you want it heated or cooled. In the long run this can be of great benefit to you. In this wireless thermostat review we will explain how the Nest Learning Thermostat works and some of the product features.

Features of the Nest Learning Thermostat:

•You can program the Nest to remember your day and evening temperatures.

•The Auto-Away-Nest feature allows you to turn down the energy usage when you are away, automatically.

•For non-humid homes this unit can cut up to 30% of the AC’s run-time.

•Remote capabilities include being able to use your smartphone, laptop, tablet or any internet capable device.

•Nest is easy to use and can be learned in approximately  30 minutes or less.

The use of energy in our home is a big economical concern for most people today and with the Nest Learning Thermostat you can start to really save on your energy bill. It is a proven fact that most of the home’s energy bill stems from heating and cooling.

What about Price of the Nest Learning Thermostat?

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a little high in price but pays for itself really quick. If you left home and forgot to change the temperature, no worries because the Nest will automatically take care of that for you. You can even use your phone to turn down the temperature on your way home and have the house cool for your arrival!

How Do Customers Feel About The Nest Learning Thermostat?

• Beautiful, Simple, Elegant, and it Works

• Savings Already Noted.

 Several weeks after my purchase, the Nest thermostats are plugging along nicely. They have saved me quite a bit on my energy bills.

 I’ve taken advantage of the neat android and iPhone apps on my phones to check the temps throughout the day.

Nest Learning Thermostat Review Summary

In Summary our research has shown that the Nest Learning Thermostat by Nest Labs  is loved by the majority of customers; however, there were also a few negative comments.

One customer complained it took about a week for the system to “learn” their home.

Another customer felt that the Nest customer service response time was too slow.

Overall as a whole we felt that the Nest Learning Thermostat does everything the manufacturer claims it will do and we highly recommend it.

We found the best price for the Nest Learning Thermostat on Amazon,along with free shipping. See the lowest price and what others are saying by click here.

Lockstat Connect Adapter -Why Do I Need One?

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If you are thinking of upgrading your heating or cooling system with a wireless thermostat You may have to ask yourself this question.  Do I need a 24VAC transformer adapter for my wireless thermostat?

That’s a good question to ask prior to buying that smart thermostat that is sometimes referred to as WiFi thermostat or wireless  thermostat. You see,  some thermostats require a third wire hookup called a C wire. Older homes may not require a C wire.  If your dwelling is a two wire connection then you will definitely need this adapter in order to get your thermostat to work properly. The one adapter that has proven to do the job with minimum problems is the Lockstate Connect LS-24. This transformer is compact requires very little amps  and runs the thermostat without any problems.

Since most of these wireless thermostats are controlled via a smart phone or computer, one user found it to be very useful hooking it up to his fireplace which did not come with a c wire lead. Now he is able to control his fireplace with his Smartphone. How cool is that?

Here’s the skinny on Lockstate Connect LS24:

  • Small  and powerful enough to run your 24 volt thermostat –turns your 110 volt into 24 volt
  • No polarity wires which make it simple to install just connect two wires.
  • 20 foot cord which is very convenient.
  • This adapter fits right into a GFI socket without any interference to the GFI button.
  • 10 out of 12 reviews on Amazon were positive and said they would highly recommend this product.

On the flip side, one user indicated that the only annoying thing about the Lockstate Connectwas that she had to hook it into their RC port, and with their air handler and a heating system it made it a little difficult.

And the other user just received a bad transformer that didn’t work out of the box but was exchanged from Amazon without any problems.

The warranty on this adapter is 2 years if installed according to the manufactures instructions. If any time within the 2 years your device becomes defective the manufacturer will either repair or replace the adapter.

Overall, as you can see this transformer is a no-brainer and comes in real handy if you are required to have a C wire to install your wireless thermostat. You definitely don’t want to have to wait a few days to install your new wireless thermostat because there is no C wire connection. Therefore you may want to find out first hand when you decide to upgrade your thermostat if you are in need of the Lockstate Connect adapter, this way you can order them at the same time.

You can probably buy this adapter anywhere where they sell thermostats but we found a really low price online here.

If you are considering upgrading your thermostat to a wireless thermostat then check out our wireless thermostat reviews .on such brand names as Nest, Cyberstat,  and Honeywell just to name a few.  We give you the best insight on some of the top smart thermostats on the market.

The Fairest of Them All

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Beauty pageants have always been a big part of my life. I have been competing in them for a long time. Every since I have been a little girl, my mother has been my pageant she taught me how to smile and poise in the contests. I have always won every contest that I have entered. I have a special trophy room full of awards. Although pageants come very easy for me. it is very stressful. I have had to deal with jealous women. They are jealous of my eyelashes. I used a products from to aid me in my contests.

One of the problems that I constantly faced was Sasha Collins she was a spoiled woman that came from a wealthy family. Sasha and I have been competing against each other since we were little girls. She always tried her best to upstage me, but I was always able to beat her. She was really jealous of my beauty and my achievements. Continue reading

Watching What I Want and Saving Money Too

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I used to have cable TV, but I discovered that I was not really using it. I was paying for hundreds of channels that I simply did not use. I was not using the 70 music channels, the dozens of sports channels, or most of the other channels. I decided to cancel my cable after looking at my alternatives, which included Netflix. I was not a subscriber of Netflix while I had my cable, and I discovered that I would use Netflix a whole lot more, especially after reading some things on

This is a website that is 100 percent about Netflix. It shows everything that is coming as well as leaving for the month. It does a lot more than that though. There are so many shows on Netflix, and quite a few of them are original. Continue reading

We Needed to Gain Access to the Filing System

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I needed to find an emergency Brisbane locksmith as quickly as possible. My boss lost the keys to the filing system, and we desperately needed in it. My boss wanted to just break the filing cabinets, but they are pretty much immune to that. We got the best when we purchased them because we wanted to make sure that no one else would be able to break into them either. I looked at a few different locksmiths in the area. One was perfect for our needs, and the nice thing is he was able to come over right when we called him.

I was not sure if a locksmith was the right answer at first because of how the filing cabinet system is. Continue reading

How to clean Jewelry

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Over time the natural oils from your skin, air born contaminants, moisture and corrosion will tarnish the shine and luster of your jewelry. There are a few simple cleaning tips which can drastically improve the condition of your favorite pieces. Different metals and stones require different cleaning techniques so please ensure you are following the relevant instructions. If your gold or silver jewelry contains softer porous gemstones you should follow the cleaning instructions for the gemstones and not the metal, these gemstones are quite sensitive and can be damaged easily.

A must before you start cleaning
How to clean Gold Jewelry
How to clean Silver Jewelry
How to clean Diamonds
How to clean Opals
How to clean Gemstones
Things to avoid when cleaning
When jewelry should be professionally cleaned

A must before you start cleaning

Check the setting of your jewelry to ensure it is secure and well fastened. If you begin scrubbing a loose stone you may damage or even lose a piece. Remove any dust from both the jewelry and cleaning clothes. The dust may cause light scratching during the cleaning process. If you don’t own a jewelry cloth, use a cotton or flannel cloth and shake it well to remove loose dust.

How to clean Gold Jewelry

Soak your gold jewelry in a mild detergent and warm water solution for 1-3 minutes. You should avoid chlorine and ammonia as both can discolor the metal. Remove and gently brush the jewelry with a soft toothbrush or jewelry brush to remove any remaining grime. Now carefully rinse the gold jewelry in warm water to remove the detergent solution. Next thoroughly dry the gold jewelry with your cloth, any remaining moisture will dull the shine of the gold.

How to clean Silver Jewelry

There are two ways to easily remove the buildup of tarnish from your silver jewelry. If you live in a humid climate your silver jewelry will tarnish quickly and you’ll need to clean it quite regularly. We are going to create an inexpensive silver dip solution. The silver dip works by creating a chemical reaction which removes tarnish. It is a great technique for cleaning silver chains which are difficult to clean by hand. You must not under any circumstances place any type of gemstones in the solution, it may permanently damage the stone. Firstly find a bowl or large cup and line the sides with aluminum foil. Next place your jewelry inside the lined cup or bowl. Cover the jewelry with a small amount of baking soda, just enough so you can barely see the jewelry. Next pour hot water over the jewelry and wait for the bubbling to stop. After the solution has stopped bubbling rinse and buff the silver jewelry dry with your cloth. You may need to repeat the process up to 5-6 times for badly tarnished pieces. Please also be careful to keep yourself away from any fumes and ensure the room is well ventilated before starting. To clean silver jewelry which contains gemstones create a solution of mild detergent and warm water. Now gently buff small sections of the jewelry taking care not to touch the gemstone. Rinse and dry to complete the process. If the jewelry is heavily tarnished or still requires cleaning you may require a specialized silver cleaning paste or professional cleaning. Keep in mind that the harsher the cleaner the more likely your jewelry will be damaged.

How to clean Diamonds

Over time diamonds begin to look cloudy and lose the natural sparkle and shine that makes them so attractive. The good news is that a quick clean on all but the dirtiest diamonds will restore the original shine and luster. Ammonia solutions are effective at cleaning diamonds but will eventually remove the color from most metals so unless your diamonds are not set in any metals we suggest you avoid cleaning in an Ammonia solution. Dip the diamonds jewelry in a warm solution of water and mild detergent for approximately 2-5 minutes. Next gently scrub the diamond with a soft toothbrush or jewelry brush if you have one. After scrubbing rinse the diamond in warm water to remove any remaining detergent. Buff the diamond dry with your cloth.

How to clean Opals

Opals are relatively soft, porous and usually quite thin (and fragile). The following cleaning tips are only useful for removing small amounts of grime. If your opal has lost its original shine and luster you should definitely visit an opal specialist and have your opals professional cleaned. To remove light amounts of grim with a mild warm soap water solution gently scrub your opal with a soft brush. Rinse the opal and buff dry with your cloth.

How to clean Pearls

If you’re cleaning a pearl necklace please ensure the pearls are secure before cleaning. Create a warm solution of soapy water, use small amount of baby soap. Baby soap is gentle and more importantly PH neutral, abrasive soaps will easily damage your pearls. Place the peals in the solution for a minute or so and then rub the pearl dry with your cloth. When cleaning pearls you really need to avoid any form of abrasion. Use only soft cotton or jewelry cloth and gentle soaps.

How to clean Gemstones

The majority of gemstones are best cleaned using the same method as Pearls. You may also use a soft tooth brush on hard gemstones to gently scrub away additional grime. You should avoid soaking porous (softer opaque) gemstones instead just wet another cotton or jewelry cloth and clean the gemstone. It’s important to dry the gemstone completely to remove any remaining chemicals from the cleaning process. Ultrasonic cleaners will work well for harder gemstones but may cause cracking on softer gemstones, for this reason we suggest taking your jewelry to a professional for heavier cleaning.

Things to avoid when cleaning

  • Many metals and softer gemstones can be easily damaged by abrasive chemicals in certain cleaners. This is why it is always best to start your cleaning with relatively gentle methods before tackling any remaining grime and tarnish.
  • Do not clean your jewelry over a sink or you may find yourself frantically sourcing a plumber.
  • Rough cloths may scratch metals and softer stones, use soft lint free cloths only.
  • Do not under any circumstances use harsh chemicals on gemstones which are porous. Porous stones will absorb the chemicals and damage your stones. Porous gemstones are opaque gemstones like Pearls, Turquoise and Opals.
  • Cleaning expensive vintage jewelry is probably a job best left to the professionals.
  • Do not use pins, tweezers or other sharp objects to remove small particles of grime, you will only scratch the metal setting of your jewelry.

When jewelry should be professionally cleaned

Antique or delicate jewelry should nearly always be cleaned by a professional jeweler. Certain metals will naturally change color over time and so your antique jewelry may not be as dirty as you think. Silvers in particular tend to become slightly darker over time, this is not always tarnish which requires cleaning. Professional jewelry cleaning is often complimentary and if not is very inexpensive. A professional jeweler will also inspect and repair any loose settings which may cause problems down the track. Professional jewelers also have access and knowledge of a wide range of dedicated and specialized cleaning methods and chemicals which are much more effective than the methods described above.

Jewelry Care

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Try to protect any jewelry from scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight. With the proper care, the jewelry you purchase today can become a part a treasured family heirloom.

Following are some tips on how to keep your jewelry in good condition:

  • Store jewelry separately so it doesn’t scratch other jewelry. Wrap each piece in fine fabric, or use a jewelry box with individual storage compartments. A diamond can scratch gold or pearls.
  • When doing household tasks such as gardening and cleaning, be certain to remove rings.
  • Put your jewelry on after washing and applying any makeup, cosmetics or hair spray.
  • Take off your jewelry before cleaning or participating in athletic activities, especially while swimming in a swimming pool. The chlorine can cause damage to various gemstones and gold. Gemstones may become loose in their settings (and possibly fall out).
  • Avoid storing your jewelry next to a heating vent, window sill or on a car dashboard. Sunlight can cause many colored gemstones to fade.
  • Always store bead necklaces (such as lapis, pearls, etc) flat as silk stretches over time. Also, this avoid kinks and knotting various chains together.
  • Always be gentle with your jewelry. Never tug on gem settings or toss your pieces carelessly in a pile-you may loosen your gem settings, and your pieces may wind up nicked and scratched.
  • Simple home cleaning methods can be just as effective as consumer cleaning products. Use a chamois cloth or pure white cotton to clean and polish gold pieces, and if your gold tarnishes, wash it with a bit of gentle soap mixed with lukewarm water and a small amount of ammonia

Hardness is based on a gem-trade standard called the Mohs scale. The higher the Mohs scale number, the harder the stone is. The highest Mohs scale rating is 10 (diamonds). Anything with a Mohs scale rating of less than 7 is easily scratched (such as coral, lapis lazuli, opal, pearl, and turquoise). Gold, silver, and platinum are only Mohs 2-1/2 to 4. Always carefully store any fine jewelry.

Periodically check the prongs that hold the diamonds or colored gemstones in place. Be certain that stones mounted in rings are not loose or rattle. The prongs of a ring can and do wear down. If the prongs wear down too much or break, you’ve lost the stone. Prongs are easily “re-tipped” by most jewelers to keep the stone secure.