Lockstat Connect Adapter -Why Do I Need One?

If you are thinking of upgrading your heating or cooling system with a wireless thermostat You may have to ask yourself this question.  Do I need a 24VAC transformer adapter for my wireless thermostat?

That’s a good question to ask prior to buying that smart thermostat that is sometimes referred to as WiFi thermostat or wireless  thermostat. You see,  some thermostats require a third wire hookup called a C wire. Older homes may not require a C wire.  If your dwelling is a two wire connection then you will definitely need this adapter in order to get your thermostat to work properly. The one adapter that has proven to do the job with minimum problems is the Lockstate Connect LS-24. This transformer is compact requires very little amps  and runs the thermostat without any problems.

Since most of these wireless thermostats are controlled via a smart phone or computer, one user found it to be very useful hooking it up to his fireplace which did not come with a c wire lead. Now he is able to control his fireplace with his Smartphone. How cool is that?

Here’s the skinny on Lockstate Connect LS24:

  • Small  and powerful enough to run your 24 volt thermostat –turns your 110 volt into 24 volt
  • No polarity wires which make it simple to install just connect two wires.
  • 20 foot cord which is very convenient.
  • This adapter fits right into a GFI socket without any interference to the GFI button.
  • 10 out of 12 reviews on Amazon were positive and said they would highly recommend this product.

On the flip side, one user indicated that the only annoying thing about the Lockstate Connectwas that she had to hook it into their RC port, and with their air handler and a heating system it made it a little difficult.

And the other user just received a bad transformer that didn’t work out of the box but was exchanged from Amazon without any problems.

The warranty on this adapter is 2 years if installed according to the manufactures instructions. If any time within the 2 years your device becomes defective the manufacturer will either repair or replace the adapter.

Overall, as you can see this transformer is a no-brainer and comes in real handy if you are required to have a C wire to install your wireless thermostat. You definitely don’t want to have to wait a few days to install your new wireless thermostat because there is no C wire connection. Therefore you may want to find out first hand when you decide to upgrade your thermostat if you are in need of the Lockstate Connect adapter, this way you can order them at the same time.

You can probably buy this adapter anywhere where they sell thermostats but we found a really low price online here.

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