I Love the Car Hang out

I had no idea what a car hang out was until I met my most recent boyfriend. He is about ten years older than I am and I knew that we would have different things that we liked to do but he told me that he liked to go down to the local fast food joint of the week and he and a bunch of different people would bring their cars. They would park their cars and open up the hood so people could see what was under the hood and people would also see the show plates man where he would tell them what type of plate would look good on their car. They would all go in and get food to eat outside and a lot of people would stop and also have a few drinks while they were talking to one another about whatever they wanted to talk about.

I thought that it was a lot of fun the first time I went down. When I was younger my dad would always try to get me to go to car shows with him and now that I am older, I wish that I did more things with him when I was younger. I think many people look back and think that they could have done more with their parents and that they do not realize how good they had it until back in the day. There are a lot of people that just want to be happy with their partner and I agree, but that does not mean having to do every single thing together. I think that it could be almost unhealthy to do everything together like my parents, it seems like they cannot do one thing without the other one and I think that is a mistake.