Customer Feedback

I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your time and attention. I was admittedly overwhelmed with all the choices available online and spent a good six hours settling on one jewelry box after another only to discover poorly constructed made from cheap materials and veneers.Thankfully I began looking for custom options and discovered your website.You answered my questions with ease,even those I’d thought not to ask.You demonstrated aptitude and excellence in your craft and knew I’d receive an excellent piece. I opened the shipping box this evening and was not disapointed. It took a good six minutes to unearth the jewelry box it was so well wrapped, another bit of attention that I greatly appreciated.I am glad I made the choice to purchase this jewelry box.I applaud your workmanship and will definitely commision you in the future.

David H.

Your box arrived an hour ago, and I am so pleased! Thank you so much for your skill and for packing it so very well. I will surely enjoy having my jewelry “organized and safe”!

Carol M.

We got the box last Friday. Just in time for the evening celebration. She loves it! And it is totally full. She also really needed it. Thank you for all your extra attention to this order. Have a great Spring,
Deb B.

First of all, my son said your jewelry box arrived in perfect condition because it was packed so well. Abby loved it! She appreciated the craftsmanship and said it was exactly as she was hoping it would be. THANK YOU for helping us with a gift that will be appreciated for how special it is.

Carol W and family

Got the jewelry box today. It looks absolutely amazing. Just wanted to say thanks again.

Clayton C.

Just wanted to thank you for the fast service, great communication, and beautiful jewelry box. Thanks so much!

Claudine L.

I received the box and everything is exactly the way you said it would be..the packaging alone was detailed and well crafted just like the jewelry box…my Wife is happy with your work….I will definitley use you again, but this time I will prepare earlier.Thank you for providing a great product at a great price

Dale D.

I got my jewelry box yesterday… I LOVE IT! It’s even more amazing than I had expected. Thank you so much.

Emily W.

My parents got the jewelry box and are extremely happy with it. They said its just beautiful and it survived the shipment to NY without any damage. Thank you again for doing such a nice job on it. We may do business again with you in the future as I might like one for myself some day!!!

Erin J.
New York

Just received the very well packed jewellery box with no damage, the wife loves it.

Cheers Ian A.

Just wanted to say thanks very much. I got the box and finally checked it out. It looks amazing. Your very talented!

Thanks again.
Jon I.

The jewelry box is beautiful , I love it and I am showing off the pictures. it was well worth the wait. you did a wonderful job. thank you for making it.

Thanks again
Loretta M.

Arrived Monday, safe and sound. What a packing job. It’s beautiful and my wife loves it.

Thanks so much.
Michael G.