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Today, people pay good money for something that has no smell, taste, weight, or volume – a product with no physical presence.

We live and work in an era of digital downloads, which are an enduring mark of our information age. The buying and selling of such intangibles is commerce as we know it today.

Enough said, digital product is a BIG thing today, and for the future! If you have been struggling to WPDigiPro, whether: Software, Graphics, Videos, Online Training, Membership Site, Photography Products, Web Templates, WP Plugins and Themes, Audios & Musics

Or ANY kind of digital products, I’m pretty sure WPDIGIPRO can help you to run your own digital product business, EASILY and QUICKLY.

Please read my WPDigipro Review below and see the way it helps me in my work. And then you could make decision to your online commercial enterprise.


  1. Homepage: WPDigipro Official Site
  2. Product name: WPDigipro
  3. Product type: Plugin
  4. Author: Uddhab Pramanik, Santosh Singh, Tantan Hilyatana
  5. Target niche: Selling Digital Product
  6. Official price: $49.90
  7. Bonuses: Yes
  8. Recommended: High


WPDigipro can help you to sell ANY kind of digital products such as software, audios & musics, ebook, WP theme, plugin, membership site, online course and MANY more.

WPDigiPro is a WordPress plugin to handle digital products…

  • Payment gateways integration
  • Automatic product delivery
  • Email notification
  • Members access
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Download link protection

And MANY more…

WPDIGIPRO REVIEW – What will you get from it?

In this part, I will list the most wonderful benefits of WPDigipro.

 Sell Digital Products with Ease, Unlimited Products!

→ Sell eBooks, Software, Membership, Online Course, Graphics, And Much More…

→ Multiple Payment GatewaysSupported

→ Tons of Autoresponders Integration

→ No Coding, No ComplicatedSetup, And No Monthly Fee!

→ License Key Feature for Your WP Themes or Plugins

→ Enable Recurring Fee for Your Digital Products

→ Complete Report of Your Product Stats

WPDIGIPRO REVIEW – How does it work?

WPDigipro works in these EASY steps…

STEP 1: Add Product

Adding product is easy, simply click the “Add New” link on WPDigiPro menu, then enter the product detail such as product name, description, pricing (one-time or recurring), etc.

STEP 2: Integrate Payment Gateway

PayPal Standard, PayPal API, PayPal Sandbox (Standard and API both), 2Checkout, and 2Checkout Sandbox payment gateways have been built.

STEP 3: Change Settings

Change the settings to fit the business needs, such as email templates, custom pages, user dashboard, and more.

STEP 4: Start Selling

Then start selling without complicated setups!

With WPDigiPro, Now ANYONE Can Launch Their Own Digital Product Business… EASILY, QUICKLY, And HASSLE-FREE!

WPDIGIPRO REVIEW – Why should you buy it?

A few reasons why you should promote this launch:

Great Product = Easy to Convert

This product is genuine and unique, loaded with full amazing features. It’s going to convert very well! This is a serious value for money, and you will absolutely love it.

LOT of People Are Struggling to Sell Their Digital Products

You might say… “There’re tons of software like this”. Yes, you are correct! BUT you’ll find elsewhere the hard to use software, leak of features, doesn’t work as expected, expensive monthly fee, and many other things that make non-techie guys are struggling unrelentingly. But NOT with WPDigiPro!

WordPress is a Huge Target Market

WordPress is HOT… time to time WordPress user increases significantly. It’s a high demand niche, a lot of people and counting are searching anything related to WordPress on Search Engines, every day! Today, WordPress can create almost any kind of websites, from the simple websites to the complex websites. And people love WordPress very much, as they have full control on their sites!

Long-Term Continuity Product

WPDigipro ishighly valuable continuity. And the most important thing is the WPDigipro’s developer team loves to improve and enhance their products, from time to time. Their goal is to make customers happy and satisfied with their products.

Top Notch Support

As they love to improve and enhance their products, so customer support as well. They love to help, and they glad to solve any customers’ problem. They will not sleep well if there’s still an issue with the customer.


At the moment they are running a special HUGE discount. But the DISCOUNT expires when the countdown timer hits zero. So act fast now before it’s too late!

In brief, Don’t let the thieves rob you blind! Protect your hard work and make selling digital products easier than ever. Thank you for reading my WPDigipro Review. I hope it will satisfy your some parts. See you in my next review.