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Does World Heritage Listing boost tourist numbers ?

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Yes. But not as much as many would hope according to a survey of visitors to the Kanas National Nature Reserve in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The site, known for its lush green mountainous landscape and the large Kanas Glacial Lake, has been nominated to join the ranks of  47 international sites on the World Heritage List (WHL).

But a survey questioning 284 tourists showed WHL, in China at least , does not equate more tourists.

Participants overwhelmingly reported being listed or not listed would have very little influence on their decision to the site.

Currently, there are 48 tourism sites globally waiting to be put on the WHL.

WHL listing does, however, help tourism sites develop by offering easier access to funds and highlighting the importance of such an area, the study, conducted by the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geology at the Chinese Academy of Science in cooperation with the University of Waterloo, said.

The study, published on December 31st in the Journal for Nature Conservation,  concluded education about the tourism site should be done prior to being listed as a WHL in order to ensure maximum benefit.

Metastudy confirms 10 percent obesity rate in Chinese Primary schools

A comprehensive examination of research papers relating to China’s childhood obesity confirmed 10.4 percent of Chinese primary school children are overweight.

Published by in the International Journal of Clinical and Expirmental Medicine, the scientists pinpointed the average by combining data from 20 research papers published from 2009 to 2014, narrowing their search from an initial selection of 133.

For comparison, the US, childhood obesity rates registered as high as 18 percent in 2012, compared with 7 percent in 1980, according to the US Center for Disease Control.

While the number is not dangerously high, the rising number of obese children is still cause for concern, the study said.

“Our results indicated that the obesity prevalence status in China is still troublesome,” the report said.

“The situation will get worse if we currently fail to take effective and practical measures.”

C-sections as safe for child as natural birth in China, natural preferred

A large study of pregnant women reveals giving birth via C-sections carries the same level of risk as natural birth in China, though more than half preferred natural birth.

Scientists from Shanghai Jiaotong University observed the pregnancy of 66,226 women at the largest obstetric center in Shanghai over the course of 6 years,

They found there was equal risk for severe postpartum hemorrhage (0.5% for C-section vs 0.5% for natural birth), maternal infection (1.3% vs. 1.3%) and organ injuries (0.4% vs. 0.5%).

Birth trauma among those getting C-sections was significantly lower at 0.2% versus 1.1% for natural births.  Similarly, there was slightly lower risk of neonatal infection and meconium aspiration syndrome for those who underwent C-section.

The only area where natural birth carried a lower risk than C-sections was forrespiratory-distress syndrome, with 0.4 and 0.6% risk respectively.

Despite equal risk factors, a majority of the study’s participants, 61.2%, preferred natural birth.

The study, Cesarean delivery on maternal request in China: what are the risks and benefits?, was published by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Top 5 Picks for the Best Sofa Bed 2019

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Whether you live in a small apartment or simply don’t have the space for a guest room, a sofa bed makes a great addition to any home. If guests unexpectedly drop by and stay for the night, you always have a comfortable place for them to sleep.

But just like buying a mattress for your bed, finding the right sofa bed isn’t always easy. Naturally, you want to invest in a sofa sleeper that’s comfortable, but won’t break the bank.

So, what’s the best sofa bed?

We’re going to share our top picks along with helpful reviews, so you can find the best sofa sleeper for you. But before we get to that, we invite you to take a moment to look over our comparison chart below for a quick overview of our favorite models.

1 DHP Emily Splitback Futon, Vanilla

Available in a beautiful vanilla color, the DHP Emily is a split-back futon with a sleek modern design and flexible functionality. Constructed with tufted faux leather, the left and right sides of this futon sofa bed pull down individually, so you can transform the sofa into a chaise, or pull down both sides to create a twin-size bed.

When folded up, this sofa is 71 inches wide, 32 inches high, and 34 inches deep. When opened up, the DHP Emily offers plenty of space for sleepers.

In just a few simple steps you, you can transform this sofa into a lounger or a sleeper. With a multi-position back and click clack technology, this is the most versatile sofa bed under $200 that you can buy.

Incredibly Comfortable

Whether sitting or sleeping, the Emily is always comfortable. With the best sofa bed mattress topper, you will feel like you were sleeping on a cloud.

And with its neutral modern design, this sleeper sofa will complement any home decor.

Easy to Assemble

Some assembly is required, but we had no issues putting this sleeper sofa together. In fact, assembly was a breeze. However, we do recommend having someone help you move the box into your home, and assembling the sofa where you plan to use it. Even with its small footprint and minimalistic design, this is still heavy piece of furniture.

Great for Small Homes and Apartments

Because of its flexible design and small footprint, this is the ideal sofa sleeper for small homes, guest bedrooms, and apartments. Plus, you can mix and match this sofa bed with other products from DHP to create a customized, contemporary space.

Our Top Pick

Backed by over 1,000 positive customer reviews, the DHP Emily sleeper futon is our top pick for the best sleeper sofa because it’s incredibly comfortable, extremely affordable, and offers a stunning contemporary design. And if you purchase the DHP lounger, you can easily create a sectional sofa bed that’s comfortable and affordable.


  • Contemporary design
  • Can transform into a lounger or sleeper
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Heavy

Just like any other sleeper sofa, the Emily split-back futon is a bit on the heavy side. Make sure that you have somebody help you put this sofa together and bring the box inside your home.

2 Homelegance Meyer 4956PU

The Homelegance Meyer is a faux leather sofa bed with a contemporary curve-arm, daybed design. Upholstered in bi-cast vinyl with a rich espresso color, the sofa bed will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

Two Separate Twin Beds

This sofa sleeper pulls out to a twin size bed under a trundle, and can accommodate a mattress up to 8 inches thick. Between the daybed itself and the trundle, this sofa sleeper actually transforms into two separate twin beds. Unfortunately, you cannot combine the beds to create a queen size sofa bed.

Optional Storage

If you don’t want to place a mattress in the sleeper sofa, you also have the option of using it as storage space. Place it in a sitting room to create a cozy reading space, or in a guest room to accommodate guests. No matter where you decide to put it, this sofa bed will fit perfectly in your home.

Customized Comfort Level

We love this daybed’s modern elegant design, but we did notice that you have to purchase a daybed mattress as well as a trundle mattress, which adds to the cost of this furniture piece. For this reason, we had to rank the Meyer #2 on our list.

Don’t get us wrong – we love this daybed. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, and worth every penny. We recommend purchasing the best sofa bed mattress you can afford to ensure the utmost in comfort and durability.

While purchasing your own mattress does add to the cost, it also gives you more control over the bed’s comfort, which is a major plus in our book.


  • Offers two separate twin size beds
  • Customizable comfort level
  • Elegant modern design


  • Moderate assembly
  • Ships in three boxes

This daybed does require a moderate amount of assembly, and ships out in three boxes. This is in no way a dealbreaker, but something you should be aware of as you likely need help putting this sofa bed together.

Overall, we loved the Homelegance Meyer. It’s beautifully designed, well-constructed, and highly durable. If you’re looking for a daybed with a trundle, this is the right sleeper sofa bed for you.

3 Handy Living CAC4-S1-AAA85 050

The Handy Living CAC4 Convert-A-Couch blends seamlessly into your home’s décor. With the ability to convert into a full-size bed and with a 10 inch pillow top seat cushion, this is one of the most comfortable sofa beds we’ve ever reviewed. And unlike other sleeper sofas, it’s incredibly easy to convert the CAC4 into a bed. All it takes is the touch of a hand.

Durable and Stain Resistant

As an added bonus, this sofa is constructed with 100% polyester microfiber, making it highly durable and stain-resistant. Two decorative pillows are also included, which add not only to the design of the sofa, but also serve as a sleeping pillow when necessary.

The finished block wooden legs add height to the sofa and contribute to its contemporary design. There is no bar in the back either, which makes sleeping more comfortable, too.


The great thing about the sofa is that it’s so versatile. The back can be moved into three positions using a click-style hinge. Sit, recline, or sleep – it’s up to you. When fully opened, this sofa bed sleeps two comfortably.

In our opinion, this is the best sofa bed for everyday use because of its traditional sofa design.

Easy Assembly

Assembly of this sofa is surprisingly easy. Using an innovative design, the CAC4 can easily fit through a 10 inch doorway. The entire sofa ships in one box for added convenience, and full assembly takes less than an hour thanks to the Handy Lock tool-free design. All you have to do is click and slide the sofa together. That said, we do recommend having someone help you bring the box inside your home and assemble the sofa.


  • Easy assembly
  • Easily converts to a bed
  • Made with durable and stain resistant microfiber
  • Offers three positions: sitting, reclining and sleeping


  • Heavy

While it’s great that this sofa ships in one box, the box does weigh over 100 pounds. You’ll need some help moving the box into your home and assembling the sofa itself. Thankfully, assembly is incredibly easy.

We love the Handy Living CAC4 sofa bed, and in our opinion, this is the only modern sofa bed that’s truly easy to convert into a sleeper. It’s comfortable, stain-resistant and affordable.

4 Mainstays Metal Arm Futon with 6″ Mattress

Looking for the best convertible sofa bed under $200? The Mainstays Metal Arm Futon is the right choice for you. Featuring a contemporary design, this futon can be used as both a sofa and a bed.

The best part? You won’t have to invest in a mattress. Mainstays includes a comfortable, durable mattress made from earth-friendly materials that are thermo-bonded.

Low-Sitting Frame

Adding to its functionality, the futon features a low-sitting, contemporary frame that sits just 10” off the ground.

This multi-purpose sleeper sofa is ideal for dorms, apartments, guest rooms and small homes. It’s relatively easy to assemble, too, and comes in a beautiful crimson red color.

The Focal Point of Any Room

There’s no doubt about it – this futon will be the focal point of your room thanks to its bold color. Simple in design and contemporary in appearance, this is the best futon sofa bed in this price range.

The only drawback to this futon is its difficult assembly. The instructions aren’t always clear, and some buyers did have issues with screws not fitting properly. We had no issues with assembly, although it did take longer than expected.

We do want to note that this futon will arrive in two boxes, and is a little on the heavy side (what futon isn’t?). So, make sure that you have help when putting it together.

We love the bold red color of this futon and its small footprint. In our opinion, this is the best sofa bed for a studio apartment or a dorm room because it serves as both a functional piece of furniture and a conversation piece.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bold color
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Minimalistic design


  • Assembly can be tricky

As mentioned previously, this futon can be a chore to assemble. It’s not that it’s difficult or complex, but rather that the instructions are lacking. It took longer than expected, but was worth the effort.

With a modern design, this futon sofa bed is the perfect choice for anyone living in a smaller apartment, or dorm.

5 Serta CR-43538PB Santa Cruz Collection

Serta is one of the best sofa bed brands, and one of the most recognized names in the mattress industry. The CR-43538PB is part of the Santa Cruz collection, and features a tool-free assembly with a stylish, modern design.

Comfortable and Durable

The construction of this sleeper sofa is what makes it so comfortable and durable. It all starts with a strong hardwood frame. Sinuous coils offer added support, while the polyester fiber on the top-tier adds luxurious comfort. Pillows are included, too, so you have everything you need to complete this sofa bed’s look.

Featuring a 20” seat depth, this sofa is incredibly comfortable.

Serta Quality

We do have to note, though, that this is technically not a true sofa bed. It does not include a mattress, nor does it have a pull-out bedframe. It is, however, large and comfortable enough to enjoy an afternoon nap or an overnight sleep. Because this sofa is made by Serta, it’s easy to assume that it’s a sleeper sofa, but this is not the case.

Easy Assembly

The thing that surprised us most about the CR-43538PB was its easy assembly. With the EZ no-tool assembly system, we had this couch assembled in no time. It comes in one single box, too, so you won’t be lugging multiple heavy boxes into your home.

If you’re looking for a sofa that’s just as comfortable as a bed, but don’t want to deal with the hassles that sometimes come with traditional sofa beds, the CR-43538PB is the right choice for you.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Modern design
  • Highly durable


  • Not a true sofa bed

If you’re looking for a true sofa bed, the CR-43538PB is not the right choice for you. That said, this sofa truly is just as comfortable as the bed you sleep on at night.

We loved just about everything about the CR-43538PB. Although it’s technically not a sleeper sofa, we included it on our list because of its extreme comfort and generous size.

These are our top picks for the best sofa bed. Each model is backed by positive customer reviews and affordably priced, so you can enjoy a high quality product without spending a fortune. No matter which model you choose, you’re sure to be pleased with your new sleeper sofa.

Cheap Sofa Beds: 5 Tips to Buy a Quality Sofa 2019

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As a consumer, you’re always looking for a great deal. Steep discounts, cheap prices and promotions draw you in and virtually force you to buy products that simply aren’t the best quality. After all, it’s very difficult to pass up a deal on any cheap item.

When it comes to cheap sofa beds, you’ll find plenty of options online. But there’s just one problem: you won’t be able to see the product in person. So, you have to rely on a few certain specifications and measures to ensure that the discount sofa bed you need right now will be worth every penny.

We’re going to discuss five tips consumers should consider when buying cheap sleeper sofas.

1.     Improper Sizing

It’s very difficult to buy a sofa without knowing the measurements. Pictures are misleading and can cause you to buy a sleeper sofa online that’s either too small or too big for your space. Instead, the smart choice is to look for the measurements of the sofa either in the product listing, or by looking at the company’s website.

Never make a purchase without knowing the size of the sofa and its exact measurements.

2.     Poor Quality

The word “cheap” can be very misleading. While cheap is meant to be low-cost, you don’t want to buy a sofa bed online only to find out that it will fall apart within a few months of use. Instead, do your research and see what other consumers have said about the products.

  • What type of fabric is it? What benefits does this fabric offer?
  • What type of legs does it have?
  • What type of warranty is present?

You can expect cheap sleeper sofas for sale from unknown companies, or products that are defective that may have minor scratches or other issues. Always read through the description and ensure that the product you’ll be receiving is new – not used – and that there’s some form of warranty or return available.

Just because a product is cheap, that doesn’t mean it should break within a month or two.

Your goal should be to find a cheap sofa that’s also reliable. This means finding a sofa that’s now discontinued, or a company that’s trying to get rid of inventory to make room for new stock and is selling its products for cheaper.

3.     Buy from Known Companies

You might find a cheap futon sofa bed from a small company based in Korea, but what do you really know about the company? It’s always better to buy any type of sofa or furniture from a known brand or company.


You’ll be able to do research on the company and look into the warranty program that the company offers. If a company is well-known for their quality construction and cheap prices, you’re lowering the risk of having to return a cheap sofa bed because it’s not a quality product.

If you have the option return the sofa because of defects or breakage, then you know the product is likely of higher quality.

Don’t expect many companies to offer a warranty beyond the initial delivery. If a product arrives broken or is missing a piece, you’ll definitely want to know if the company has quality customer service, which is something we’ll be talking about shortly.

4.     How Is Customer Service?

No matter what product you buy, there’s always the chance that it will arrive broken, there will be a piece missing, or some other issue will arise. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying socks or a sofa bed – you need to know that customer service is willing to help you.

If you purchase a cheap sectional sofa bed, and one of the pieces is missing, how can you contact customer service?

Ideally, customer service will offer one or a combination of ways to contact them:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live chat

If customer service is nonexistent or not helpful at all, don’t buy a cheap product from one of these companies. There’s always a chance, like I said earlier, that the product may arrive damaged, and you need a way to rectify the issue.

You may also want to investigate the company’s return policy.

5.     Buy from a Reputable Source

The final tip is to buy from a reputable source. Don’t know where to buy a sleeper sofa online? Several companies run sales, from furniture companies to large online retailers, such as Amazon.

Always know that the source you’re buying from:

  • Has a reputable name.
  • Offers customer service that’s helpful.
  • Is a trusted retailer.

You never want to buy from a company that has no reviews online, isn’t incorporated or has a bad reputation in the industry. It’s better to pay a little bit more instead of buying sofa beds for cheap from a company that’s in the business of scamming people.

Cheap sofa beds are available, but you need to make sure that your investment is worthwhile. The five tips that we discussed will help you make a smart sofa bed purchase.

DHP Emily Splitback Futon, Vanilla Review 2019

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A Best-Seller with Exceptional Quality

The DHP Emily Splitback futon in vanilla is a best-seller on Amazon, and we’ve seen the same product in several stores in the past. Sitting on this futon, you’ll quickly realize that this white sofa bed (vanilla) is one of the best rated sofa beds for a reason – it’s exceptionally comfortable.

And, Emily futon reviews are always exceptional despite the model’s low price.

Before we dive into our first-hand review of the DHP Emily Splitback futon, I want to point out the pros and cons that we experienced during our review.


  • Converts effortlessly from a chase to a sleeper.
  • Replacement parts are easily available for free from the company.
  • Converts to a near full-size bed when opened.
  • Both sides open independently, allowing you to create an extra seat for more guests.


  • A little harder than I expected.

Our Thoughts

When we first sat on this model, we found that it was little harder than what we imagined. And, this hardness also translates when laying on the futon itself. However, the quality is exceptional, and once you break-in the cushioning, it’s very comfortable.

I really like the fact that you can independently open each side of the futon to allow for more space.

For the price, it’s difficult to find a futon of this quality and durability. It’s one of the better models that we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, and over 1,000 people have agreed that this is a great futon to own.C

Detailed DHP Emily Splitback Futon Review

When we first looked at this product, we noticed that the weight was listed as 240 pounds; far too heavy for a futon. I want you to know that this is an error, and the product weighs just 81 pounds, which is light enough for you to carry the box into your home and assemble it.

You may need the help of a friend carry the box in your house.

Assembly was a Breeze

The initial assembly process always worries me because you never know how good the instructions will be, or if you’ll have to struggle to put together a simple piece of furniture. This futon sofa sleeper is simple and easy to assemble.

Not only are the instructions clear and concise, but it takes just 15 to 20 minutes to put together.

You also have the option of paying more to have the item preassembled for you, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t recommend paying the extra price – assembly is that easy.

Comfortable Material and a Beautiful Cream Color

When you first sit on a futon, you’ll realize that it’s harder than a traditional couch. But, futons are also much less expensive and more versatile than the usual couch. This model converts easily from a chase to a sleeper.

The seated height is 16 inches while the depth is 23 inches, which is more than enough room to sit comfortably on the futon.

When folded, the dimensions are as follows:

  • 32 inches high
  • 71 inches wide
  • 34 inch depth

Once you unfold this model, the dimensions are 70.5 inches x 43.5 inches x 15.5 inches. In terms of bed size, the small sofa bed is actually misleading. According to the measurements and my own experience on the futon, this model is bigger than a twin size bed and slightly smaller than a full-size bed.

In my opinion, this is great. If unexpected guests come over, you have one of the best convertible sofa beds on the market to accommodate them.

So, what does the material feel like?

Modern sleeper sofas for small spaces need to be able to be cleaned with ease. If you have kids, you know that they will drop drinks and food on the sofa bed. But, that is no longer an issue thanks to the Emily Splitback futon.

The leather futon sofa bed is actually tufted faux leather. Being water resistant, you won’t have to worry about this model getting dirty. Simply wipe away any liquid that is on the surface and enjoy a futon that looks like new.

If you’re looking for a pure white sofa, know that this sofa sleeper features a cream color.

Durability and Functionality

If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for a small sofa sleeper for small rooms. And I highly recommend this model because it’s an apartment size sofa bed / futon. It’s the ideal choice for smaller spaces or homes that want a modern, chic look.

The legs of this futon are chrome, so they are very stylish and sturdy.

Using click-back technology, you can adjust the back of the futon in multiple positions, which allow you the utmost in comfort. The cushioning itself is firm, as mentioned earlier, and is made from high density polyester and foam.

As you sit on this model, you’ll notice how sturdy it is. One thing I really like is that each of the backs of the futon can be folded down independently. If one person wants to lay down and watch TV, they can do so on one side of the futon, while the other side is still in the upright sitting position.

If you have a little cocktail party, you can fold down the futon and effectively have four chairs that guests can sit on.

I really like this level of flexibility and functionality that a normal lounger sofa bed wouldn’t offer.

If you’re very savvy, you definitely want to know that this futon comes in several different colors, including: gray, vanilla and black. Another neat feature, which a lot of people don’t talk about, is that you can buy an actual chair (which is more like a lounge chair) that can be added to the end of the futon.

Going through all of my sofa bed reviews, this is probably the one futon that I would recommend for small apartments and spaces because it is very versatile. Affordable, made of quality materials and an exceptional design make this a great choice for any home or office.

Homelegance Meyer 4956PU Review 2019: Beauty Meets Affordability

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The Homelegance Meyer 4956PU is a modern sofa bed that pulls out to a twin size bed, has room for an 8 inch thick mattress, and truly looks elegant. This daybed is brown with vinyl, which is both beautiful and comfortable.

You won’t have a problem with this bed matching your decor.

I’m going to provide you with an in-depth review of Homelegance Meyer 4956PU, which is one of the best sofa beds under 500 dollars. But first, I want provide you with the pros and cons that this modern sofa sleeper offers.


  • Very attractive look with an easy assembly.
  • Works as a sofa/daybed/trundle.
  • Sturdy construction with a beautiful dark brown bi-cast vinyl.
  • Offers a modern sofa bed with storage as an extra perk.


  • Many buyers complain of broken parts during shipment (more on this shortly).

Our Assessment

This is not a cheap sofa bed, and I didn’t experience any broken parts during my review. With that said, being a heavier sofa bed, I can definitely see how parts may be broken during shipment. Thankfully, all you need to do is call customer service, and they will send you out new parts or a replacement shipment.

For me, this is one of the best sofa beds for everyday use because it’s sturdy and aesthetically-pleasing.

This unit provides more elegance than a futon, such as the DHP Emily Splitback Futon, but it also comes at a price that is significantly higher. If you want a daybed with a trundle, the Homelegance Meyer 4956PU is one of your best options.

Not only is this unit aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also very durable (as we’ll talk about in our review).C

Homelegance Meyer 4956PU Review

We’ve had the pleasure of writing sleeper sofa reviews for several different models, but this modern furniture bed is a little bit different than the competition. First, I wanted to make note that this model is under $500, and it’s worth every penny.

You’ll be able to use your daybed for years with proper care.

And it has a touch of elegance that many daybeds simply don’t offer any more. While modern, you’ll find that the twin sofa bed is very comfortable. This is one of the most comfortable sleeper sofas we’ve had the pleasure of sitting on.


I always have a tendency to start with the assembly process because it can be rather difficult to put together a sofa that weighs 190 pounds. In fact, I recommend having someone, maybe even two other people, help you bring this unit into your house and assemble it.

Even if you don’t need help with assembly, you will need help with moving the sofa – it’s rather heavy.

But, this is a testament to the quality of the unit. You don’t want a 40 pound sofa break under the weight of two people.

I recommend using a power drill with a screwdriver bit to make the assembly process faster. If you have just one person working on assembling the sofa, you can expect to spend about an hour to put it together. I found that all of the drilled holes lined up perfectly, allowing assembly to be smooth and fast.

And, you can use the normal screwdriver if you like, but it will take a little bit longer to complete the assembly.

Bed and Cushion Material and Comfort

Featuring a modern curved arm design, this model uses bi-cast vinyl faux leather that is both beautiful and easy to clean. You’ll notice that the day bed itself features a dark brown color with a rather fancy look.

I want to also note that this is a sofa bed with storage, so you can store items underneath this model.

However, the main functionality will be sitting on this pullout sofa bed. The ideal place to sit down and read a book or watch television, there are two mattresses you need to purchase: one for the day bed, and one for the trundle. Please note that the trundle needs a mattress that is no more than 8 inches thick.

So, you have a lot of options in terms of customizing your daybed’s comfort level.

You definitely don’t want a trundle mattress that is thicker than 8 inches because you won’t be able to close the unit properly. But, you can place a very comfortable 12 inch thick mattress on top for the utmost in padding when you sit down.

And if you choose not to place a mattress on the trundle, you can use this space for storage if you like.

Ultimately, both of the mattresses will act as two separate twin size beds. You won’t be able to pop up the trundle so that it is flushes with the top of the unit.

If you have kids, this is the perfect leather sofa with a bed pull out that is both smaller than a traditional sofa and much cheaper. You do have to spend a little more money to buy the mattresses, so please make note of this when you make your purchase.

Anyone that is looking for a sofa that is more like a traditional couch than this model, I recommend the Handy Living CAC4-S1-AAA85 050.


Since the bottom unit comes out as a trundle, you don’t want your children jumping on the sofa bed. If you sit on the unit and use it normally, you won’t have to worry about it breaking under pressure.

For a trundle, this is a rather durable model that should last you years with normal use.

As far as cleaning is concerned, you can easily wipe away spilt liquids thanks to the faux leather exterior. But, you will have to be careful with your mattress choice as mattresses can stain and absorb liquid.

The Homelegance Meyer 4956PU is one of my top choices for a daybed/trundle combination unit. Beautifully designed and easy to assemble, you also have the full opportunity to customize the comfort level of the sofa with your own mattress choices.

You could even pay a little extra to have it assembled for you after it’s delivered to your house, which is a very nice option to have.

In terms of comfort, this truly depends on the mattresses you choose, but I will state that pulling out the trundle is a breeze and that the exterior of the unit is very comfortable and durable.

How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable In 5 Steps 2019

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Sofa beds are a convenient way to accommodate overnight guests, but the one thing that a lot of people complain about when sleeping on these beds: they’re uncomfortable. Springs poke into your back, and the mattress doesn’t offer much cushioning. While this isn’t true for allsleeper sofas, a lot of models (especially older ones) are difficult to sleep on.

If your sleeper sofa is uncomfortable, don’t torture your overnight guests. Use these tips on how to make your sofa bed more comfortable.

1.     Add Cushioning

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make a sofa bed more comfortable is to invest in a mattress topper. The extra padding will cushion the mattress and make it easier on your guests’ backs.

Mattress toppers may be filled with memory foam or down feathers. While the material is a matter of preference, thicker covers will add more depth and comfort to the mattress while still ensuring that it can be folded back into the sofa. And if you live in a colder area, you may consider purchasing a heated mattress pad to keep guests cozy and warm at night.

When shopping for a mattress topper, be sure to look for products that are designed for sofa beds to ensure that the mattress can still be folded up into the couch.

2.     Flip and Rotate the Mattress

Another simple way to improve the comfort of your pullout sofa bed is to simply flip the mattress. Sometimes this is all that’s needed to restore comfort. Ideally, you should be rotating the mattress in your sleeper sofa just as often as your regular mattress – every six months.

Not only should you flip the mattress over, but you should also rotate it lengthwise. And if the bed is used daily, be sure to replace the mattress every few years.

3.     Fill In Gaps

If there are gaps between the bed and the couch arms, fill in these holes with pillows. Any exposed metal parts should be padded with cylindrical bolsters to ensure that your guests never have to sleep directly on the sofa’s folding mechanism. You can also use these bolsters to fill gaps between the top of the mattress in the back of the sofa.

4.     Use High Quality Bedding

Ensuring that the bed is fitted with high quality sheets and blankets will also add comfort. Remember, these are guests in your home, so don’t skimp on bedding. Look for sheets with high thread counts for maximum durability and comfort. Make sure that you add a comforter and an additional blanket just in case your guests get cold.

Even if the weather is warm, you want to ensure that your guests have the option of covering up with a blanket to keep warm.

5.     Keep the Bed Clean

Naturally, you want to ensure that your best sofa bed stays clean. After each use, remove the mattress topper and the bedding. If the mattress topper is down filled, place it in the dryer to fluff it with the no-heat setting. Wash all blankets and sheets after each use, or weekly if you use the bed regularly. Before you fold up the mattress, vacuum both sides to remove allergens, dust and other irritants.

Adding more cushioning, flipping the mattress, using high quality bedding, and keeping the mattress clean will ensure that your sofa bed stays comfortable for years to come. If none of these tips make your sleeper sofa any more comfortable than it was before, it may just be time to invest in a new mattress. If the bed gets used regularly, the mattress will need to be replaced more frequently.

Mainstays Metal Arm Futon with 6” Mattress Review 2019

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With a contemporary design and a bold red color, the Mainstays Metal Arm Futon is the perfect choice for small apartments, dorms, living rooms and guestrooms. With a simple adjustment, this futon transforms from sofa to bed.

After reviewing this Mainstays sofa sleeper for ourselves, we can’t help but recommend it. It’s so affordably priced, it’s comfortable, and it’s durable. These three things are the key most important factors to consider when buying a futon.

But before we dive into our detailed review, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of this model.


  • Attractive contemporary style
  • Includes mattress
  • Serves as couch or bed
  • Great for dorms, apartments, guest rooms and living rooms
  • Convenient low sitting frame
  • Affordably priced


  • Assembly is complicated

Our First Impressions

We loved the contemporary design of this futon. It’s modern. It’s sleek. And it boasts a bold red mattress. What more can we say? This futon will look great in any space.

With a compact design, this is an apartment size sofa bed that’s easy to move around. The entire Mainstays metal arm futon with mattress included weighs just 50 pounds. You’ll have no trouble moving or assembling this piece on your own.

The low sitting frame is convenient, it makes it easy to get on and off the futon. With one simple adjustment, you can transform this futon into a bed. If you’re living in a smaller space, this futon can do double duty as both a sofa and a bed.

It’s affordably priced, too, which is always welcomed.

The only issue we had with this model was that assembly was very complicated. The futon comes in two separate boxes, and both are quite heavy, so you may need help moving them into your home. The assembly process itself is very time-consuming, so expect to spend at least two hours putting this thing together.

Normally, this would be a major drawback for us, but because of this futon’s price point, we really couldn’t complain.

Mainstays Black Metal Arm Futon Review

There were a lot of things that we loved about this futon. The following features stood out to us during our review:

Bold Red Color

Although this futon’s design is simple, its ruby red mattress color makes this piece stand out. It will easily be the focal point of the room. If you’re not a fan of red, you may be able to find a Mainstays metal arm futon with mattress black on Amazon or another online retailer.

Smart, Comfortable Design

This red sofa bed features an economical design with a low-sitting frame. The frame sits 10” off the floor, which makes it easy to get on and off the futon whether you’re using it as a bed or a sofa for guests to sit on.

Because of its low design, this is the best sofa sleeper for anyone living in a studio apartment or dorm.

We were also surprised to find that mattress itself was very comfortable. Typically, futons are hard, uncomfortable and cause back pain. But this model is different. That’s because the mattress is made from a thermos-bonded polyester and cotton core. There are no springs in the mattress, which often cause pain or dig into your back at night.

This is the best sleeper sofa mattress in terms of comfort that we have ever seen on a futon.

That said, we did notice one slight issue with this mattress: It falls flat after extensive use (2+ years). In truth, at this price point, this wasn’t surprising. But the mattress will only fall flat after extensive, heavy use. If you’re simply using this for guests, you shouldn’t have any issues with the mattress for years. And if you use this as your daily bed, you always have the option of ordering a replacement.

Environmentally-Conscious Design

If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that this futon’s mattress is made from Earth-friendly materials and contains a minimum of 50% pre-consumer recycled content.

Not only does this futon have a contemporary design, but the company takes a modern, eco-friendly approach to the production of this product.


When folded up, this futon can serve as a coach or sofa. It’s comfortable, durable and you can sit on it for long periods of time without any issues.

In just a few simple steps, you can convert the sofa into a full-size bed. After laying on this futon, we can confidently say that you can easily fit two people on this bed.

The versatility of this futon is what makes it such a great choice for small studio apartments and living rooms. Use it as your permanent bed to save on space, or for unexpected guests. If a friend or family member drops in, you can now offer them a comfortable place to sleep for the night.


One of the major advantages that this futon offers is that it’s so lightweight. Most sleeper sofas weigh hundreds of pounds, but this model weighs just 50 pounds. This means that you can easily move the mattress and the frame from one room to another if you need to.

The Final Verdict

We’ve tried a lot of sofa beds (and we have a long list of sleeper sofa reviews to prove it), and this Mainstays model is one of the better options in this price range. It’s comfortable, the design is modern, and the red mattress color will add flair to your space. Assembly is difficult, but not a deal-breaker. You may have issues with the mattress in the future, but that’s to be expected with any futon.

Overall, we felt that this sleeper sofa was a great buy. It’s ideal for anyone living in a studio apartment or dorm room. It’s also an affordable option for guest rooms and second living rooms for unexpected guests. If you’re looking for a futon that won’t break the bank but is still comfortable to sit or sleep on, the Mainstays Metal Arm Futon is a smart option.

Serta CR-43538PB Santa Cruz Collection Review 2019

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What’s not to love about the Serta CR-43538PB Santa Cruz Collection? This is a beautiful fabric sofa that is the perfect complement to any modern home. Tool-free assembly allows you to quickly assemble your sofa and enjoy it within an hour.

This model even ships in one single box, allowing for easy maneuverability when bringing it into your home.

Before we dive right into our Serta CR-43538PB Santa Cruz Collection review, let’s discuss the pros and cons that we found during our review.


  • Very easy to put together and requires no tools during assembly.
  • The cushions are firm enough to support your back, yet soft enough to be comfortable.
  • Includes 2 matching decorative pillows.
  • The fabric is very well sewn together, and the construction is very solid and durable.


  • The back of the sofa is a little lower than what is expected from the picture and video.

Our Assessment

If you’ve ever read Serta sofa reviews before, you know that the company makes durable products that are worth every penny. We tested the Santa Cruz Collection, and we couldn’t have been happier with the quality and durability of this model.

The cushions are soft enough to be very comfortable even after hours of sitting and watching television, but not so soft that they have no back support.

We did want to mention that the back is slightly lower than what you see in the picture, but this is not much of concern.

For the extremely low cost of this sofa, you honestly can’t go wrong with your purchase. Serta even includes two decorative pillows that provide the perfect contrast to the sofa, allowing for a professional look when viewed in your home.

We simply loved the easy assembly of this sofa. It was both fun and uncomplicated – unusual for any piece of furniture.

Full Review of the Serta Santa Cruz Collection

We’ve written so many sofa bed reviews, but this one has been a true joy for us to review. We simply love the comfort and ease of this model as well as its low price point that is perfect for smaller apartments or even homes.


We can’t say enough about the assembly process of the Santa Cruz. It’s so easy to assemble this model that we actually had fun during the process – a rarity for us. First, this is a tool-free assembly, which allows you to quickly and easily assemble the couch without having to grab a screwdriver or a hammer in the process.

Instructions are clear and concise, and assembly can take anywhere between 20 minutes to one hour depending on your experience.

Hint: When assembling this model, the cushions will come shrink-wrapped in plastic. I recommend trying to put the covers in place first and then removing the plastic so that the cushions don’t expand, which makes it a little bit more difficult to put the upholstery covers in place afterwards.

Several Size Options

I do want to make note that I am reviewing the 78�? sofa. But, there are three unique size options available that are perfect for any home:

  • 61 inch loveseat
  • 73 inch sofa
  • 78 inch sofa

There are also three unique color options to choose from. Don’t worry, the fabric for each model is the same, so you’ll still enjoy the same great feel and comfort of your sofa. The colors you can choose from include:

  • Platinum
  • Brown
  • Mink Brown

Personally, I like the platinum look. This is a lighter color than the darker brown, which isn’t my personal favorite.

Durable Construction

One of my biggest concerns with all of my sleeper sofa reviews is that I never know if the construction will be optimal. Unfortunately, you never really know what the construction will be like until you try it out for yourself. But the construction on this model really surprised me. It’s highly durable and very well-constructed.

Serta has provided a diagram to explain how the count is constructed internally. This provides us with a little bit of insight into just how durable this model is. The diagram shows:

  • Premium S coils have been added underneath the cushion to provide added support when sitting on the sofa.
  • The hardwood frame allows for the utmost in durability.
  • In the back of the seat, premium ultra-wide back straps have been included to provide that extra firmness you need when sitting on a couch comfortably. This ensures that your back has some sort of support.
  • The arms of the couch have a hardboard interlining so that they never lose their firmness or durability.
  • Solid wood footers are used on the bottom of the couch, which is very nice as they won’t break like plastic models do.

Cushioning and Comfort

When it comes to comfort, this sofa is a great option. If you’re like me, you want the cushions of your couch to be soft, but still provide support for your back, so it’s not aching every time you get up.

The cushions themselves are made from premium quality polyester fiber on the back and feature pocket coils for support and comfort on the bottom. These pocket coils are made of high density polyethylene foam at the center. Surrounding the center coils at the top is premium quality polyester fiber, which allows you to sink into your cushion just enough. The extra support of the foam and the coils ensures that your cushions won’t sag in few weeks.

Serta furniture reviews always have one thing in common – people love the Serta brand.

And the Santa Cruz collection demonstrates just how affordable a great couch or sofa can be. You have many options to choose from in terms of size, and the loveseat (from what I’ve heard) is an amazing option for smaller areas, such as a flat or an apartment where you might be low on space.

Serta has also included two beautiful decorative pillows with each size sofa.

Stylish and affordable, we recommend the Santa Cruz collection to anyone looking for an affordable, beautiful couch.

Top 10 Most Popular Types of Sofas 2019

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You need a new sofa. You have a budget, but you’re not sure what type of sofa to get. Is a sleeper sofa the best option for when the in-laws drop in unexpectedly, or is a sectional better for those holiday parties you host every year?

There are variety of different sofa types to choose from, and the right one for you will depend on your personal taste and needs.

1.     Traditional Sofa

A traditional sofa is what most people are familiar with. They can seat two or three people with ease, and are available in a variety of styles and colors. From traditional to contemporary, you’ll find many different options with traditional sofas.

Most traditional sofas are placed in living rooms or family rooms for entertaining. Typically, these furniture pieces are simple in nature, although some may feature an extendable foot rest or reclining back.

2.     Convertible Sofa

Convertible sofas are a popular choice for studio apartments and other areas where space is limited. Very similar to a sleeper sofa, these furniture pieces can act as both a sofa and a bed. The primary difference between a convertible and a sleeper sofa is that a convertible sofa uses its cushions as the mattress.

Generally, convertible couches are more popular than sleepers because they’re easier to use and more affordable.

3.     Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas are a great choice for small living spaces and for guests. Depending on the size of sofa, the included bed may be able to accommodate up to three people. Acting as a sofa by day and bed by night, a sleeper sofa actually has a folded bed frame and mattress built in. All of the cushions and pillows are removable, which allows you to access the bed and easily pull it out.

The only issue with sofa beds is that they tend to be significantly heavier than a traditional or convertible sofa.

4.     Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa blends seamlessly into modern homes with contemporary décor. Unlike traditional sofas, sectionals can be taken apart and moved to different areas of the room.

The great thing about sectional sofas is that they allow for flexibility, so you can change the layout of your space with ease. If you’re having guests over, you can move one area of the sectional to the other side of the room to allow guests to sit and talk.

You’ll find sectionals in both circular and L-shaped designs. You have a variety of different options when choosing this type of sofa, and will have the option to choose pieces with reclining functions or extendable foot rests.

5.     Pull Out Sofa Bed

A pull out sofa bed is, essentially, the same thing as a sleeper sofa. These couches have a built in bed frame and mattress that folds up underneath the cushions. Removing the cushions will allow you to access the bed and pull it out for you or your guests to use.

Depending on the type you choose, the mattress may be made of foam, or it may be a traditional spring-type mattress.

Because comfort levels can vary greatly from one model to another, it’s best to try out sleeper sofas in person before buying one.

6.     Futon Sofa

Futons are another type of sofa that can act as both a seating area and a bed. Of all the sleeper-type sofas available, futons are typically the most affordable. Their designs are contemporary, and most models include a mechanism that allows you pull down the back of the futon to convert it into a bed.

Generally speaking, futons having a thinner mattress. And like a convertible sofa, the cushions typically acts as the mattress as well. Most cushions are one single unit as opposed to two or three separate cushions.

7.     Loveseat

Loveseats are another great option when space is limited. These sofas can seat one or two people comfortably. Like traditional sofas, you have a variety of different options when it comes to styles and colors. In a way, loveseats are simply mini versions of traditional sofas. And some models do come with a reclining function or extendable footrest.

8.     Divan

Divan sofas are unique in that they don’t have a back. Many people choose to place these sofas up against a wall, but it’s also not uncommon to find them in the middle of a room. They’re often used for lounging and laying down as opposed to sitting upright.

9.     Bunk Bed Sleeper

Bunk bed sleepers are a new and modern take on the sleeper sofa. Like a regular sofa bed, they look just like a regular couch when closed. However, the unique design of this sofa’s construction allows the front solid cushion to be lifted up. Metal bars and an included metal ladder help to keep the bed in place during use. Down below, a mattress is located underneath where the original cushion sat.

10.   Daybed

Daybeds are great for lounging as well as sleeping, sitting and reclining. Experts describe this sofa type as a combination of a couch, chaise and a bed. Most daybeds have a back and a side, and come in twin size.

Some models will include a trundle that allows you to expand the sleeping capacity of the bed. Trundles may stay firmly in place to offer an additional bed for sleeping, or they may lift up to expand the size of the top bed.

With so many different types of sofas available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your home. Considering your needs and budget will help you select a type that will add beauty, comfort and function to your space.

What Types of Fabric are Available for Furniture 2019?

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When shopping for a new sofa or best sofa bed, style and design may be your top priorities, but it’s important not to overlook the importance of the fabric used to create the furniture. There are a variety of different fabrics used for the upholstery, and each one has its own unique set of characteristics. Some are easy to maintain or more durable than others, so it’s important to consider fabrics when choosing new furniture. Otherwise, you may just wind up with a sofa that can’t stand up to kids and pets.

While there are a variety of fabrics to choose from, we’re going to cover the most common and popular types to help you find the right one for your needs.

Natural Upholstery Fabric


Cotton is a natural choice when choosing durable furniture. This natural fabric offers optimal resistance to fading, wearing and pilling, but is more prone to wrinkling and soiling. Cotton is more flammable, too. In many cases, cotton is blended with other fibers to counteract these weaknesses.

The durability of cotton furniture will depend on the weave and the finish of the fabric. You’ll find a variety of different weaves with cotton fabric, including:

  • Damask: Formal
  • Canvas (sailcloth and duck): More durable and designed for casual use

Cotton’s durability and easy maintenance make it a great choice for most families.


Leather is a naturally durable fabric that’s easy to clean and very forgiving. You’ll find leather couches in a variety of different finishes and colors. The wonderful thing about this material is that it has great character and softens over time.

Maintenance is important with leather furniture. Saddle soap and leather conditioner can be used to keep the material looking its best.


Linen wrinkles and soils very easily, so it’s not the ideal choice for casual use. This fabric is best suited for formal use, or an adult area that will not be used often. Linen cannot withstand heavy use, but it’s resistant to fading and pilling.

Another drawback of linen is that it must be cleaned professionally to avoid shrinking the fabric.


Made from animal hair, wool is durable, sturdy and warm. It also offers great resistance to fading, pilling, soiling and wrinkling. Rarely will you find pure wool furniture. Most of the time, wool is blended with a synthetic fiber to reduce the possibility of felting and making it easier to clean.

Cotton Blend

Cotton blend fabrics are a great choice for families because they’re incredibly sturdy. A stain-resistant finish is often applied to these fabrics to improve durability during everyday use.


Because of its delicate nature, silk is best suited for furniture that will only be used by adults, such as formal living areas. If soiled or stained, silk must be cleaned professionally. Its delicacy and difficult maintenance make silk an unpopular choice for furniture upholstery.


Although ramie fabric absorbs moisture, it’s highly resistant to stains – which is a bonus for families. One of the strongest fibers in the world, ramie is an eco-friendly choice to synthetic fibers, and is 8 times stronger than cotton.


Hemp is a highly durable fabric, although it wrinkles easily. The hemp plant is processed to separate it into fibers, and those fibers are woven together to create fabric.

The wonderful thing about hemp is that it resembles linen both in texture and appearance, but offers warmth and softness with incredibly durability.

Synthetic Upholstery Fabric


Originally developed as a wool imitation, acrylic is resistant to soiling, wrinkling, fading and soiling. That said, poor quality acrylic fabric is highly vulnerable to pilling, especially in areas that are prone to abrasion. High quality acrylic will not pill as easily.


Developed as a silk imitation, acetate is resistant to pilling, shrinking and mildew. On the downside, this fabric is prone to wrinkling, wearing, fading and soiling. Like silk, acetate is not a good fit for heavy everyday use.


Rayon was developed to be a silk, cotton and linen imitation. This fabric is highly durable, but prone to wrinkling. Advancements made by manufacturers have made rayon a much more durable and practical option for furniture.


Nylon is commonly blended with other fibers to create one of the most durable fabrics available. It’s highly resilient, and resistant to wrinkling and soiling. It can fade and pill over time, however.


If you’re furniture will get heavy use, olefin is a great fabric to choose. With low moisture absorption and resistance to staining, sunlight, abrasion and chemicals, this is one of the best furniture fabrics for families.


Like nylon, polyester is typically blended with other fibers to improve its qualities. Blended polyester fabrics are resistant to wrinkles and fading.


Microfiber is soft, lightweight and highly absorbent. It won’t wrinkle or stain easily, and when electrostatically charged, will pick up dust without leaving any lint behind.


Vinyl is inexpensive and easy to care for, which makes it a practical choice for families. That said, the texture of the fabric is not always favorable, especially during the hot summer months.

Which Sofa Bed Size is Right for You 2019?

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When buying a sleeper sofa, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is size. Sofa beds come in a wide range of different sizes, and the right one for you will depend on a variety of different factors. The helpful guide below will help you determine which size sofa is the right choice for you and your family.

What Sizes are Available?

First, it’s important to consider which sizes are available to you. This alone might help you decide what size will be the right choice for you.

There are generally four mattress sizes available in sofa beds, but keep in mind that these sizes are slightly smaller than their traditional mattress counterparts. They’re also thinner, so they can easily fold up and fit into the sofa.

Twin Size Sofa Bed

A twin sofa sleeper is typically found in a loveseat. These are slightly smaller than the traditional twin size mattress, and are a great choice for single guests. However, you may be able to accommodate two (possibly three) small children with a twin mattress.

Although smaller, this is the ideal apartment size sofa bed because it doesn’t take up much space.

Sofa Bed Full Size

A full sofa bed is about the same size as a traditional full-size mattress, and is the most common size available. These are a great option if you need to accommodate a couple, or two guests. A full size mattress can easily accommodate two people comfortably, but may be able to accommodate three small children.

Sofa Bed Queen Size

A queen size sofa bed is a little trickier to find. They tend to only be available with larger sofas, which may not be ideal for many families. Although more comfortable, a mattress of this size can also be difficult and heavy to pull out.

That said, a queen-size mattress can easily accommodate three adult guests, or four children.

King Size Sofa Bed

King size sleeper sofas are very rare, but not impossible to find. Sleeper sofas of this size tend to be of the highest quality and come at a higher cost as a result. Because of their very large size, a king size sofa may not be practical for every family.

Most king-size mattresses can accommodate three to four adults or children.

How Many Guests Will You Need to Accommodate?

Now that you have a general idea of what sizes are available, you need to consider how many guests you will need to accommodate.

If you only anticipate ever needing to accommodate 1 to 2 guests at a time, a twin or full size sofa bed is a great option. If you’ll need to accommodate three to four guests, or a smaller family, a queen or king size may be the best option.

Consider, honestly, how many overnight guests you receive and any other sleeping arrangements you may be able to offer. If you have a guest bedroom, for example, it may not be necessary to invest in a king size sleeper sofa.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Another very important thing you’ll need to consider is the amount of space you have. The larger the mattress size, the larger the sofa will be.

Let’s take a look at the average sleeper dimension ranges for each size:

  • Twin sofa bed: 50”-68”
  • Full size sleeper sofa: 67”-83”
  • Queen size sleeper sofa: 75”-96”
  • King size sleeper sofa: 87”-100”

As you can see, a king size sofa will take up a considerable amount of space (a minimum of 7.25 feet). And these measurements only pertain to the width of the sofa. Also, you’ll have to consider how much space the mattress will take up once it’s opened. Some king size mattresses will extend out 85,” so you need a generous amount of space to accommodate such a large sofa bed.

For most families, a sofa with a twin or full size mattress is the ideal choice. Queens are great for homes with a little more space, but a king sofa bed will require a significant amount of space. This may be an option for a guest bedroom, but likely not an ideal choice for a living area.

How Often Will the Bed Be Used?

Lastly, you need to consider how often the bed will be used. If you will need to accommodate guests 1 to 2 times a year, it may not be worth it to invest in a king size sleeper. However, if you use the bed daily, you may consider a larger mattress size for added comfort.

Finding the right size and best sofa bed doesn’t have to be a chore. Knowing how many guests you’ll need to accommodate, how much space you have, and how often you’ll be using the bed will help you decide which size is the right choice for you and your home.