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Pine Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

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Are you looking to buy new pine bedroom furniture? For many families, especially younger families, buying new pieces of bedroom furniture is something that happens every few years. When a young couple moves into their new home, they may be forced to make do with plywood, wood composites, or plastic faux-wood due to a limited budget. But with each promotion, with each raise, with each annual performance bonus earned, the urge to get something better and more luxurious rears its head.

There is no real reason to resist this urge to upgrade your bedroom furniture, as long as you really upgrade to higher quality bed mattress and wardrobes rather than just choosing based on brand names. Oak furniture offers the best value and can last for generations, but is difficult for people still in the early parts of their careers to afford. However, pine furniture for the bedroom makes a good intermediate step. When properly cared for, it can last for a few decades. It is more affordable than furniture made from scarcer oak wood. Pine bedroom furniture made from wood grown in plantations is also more eco-friendly (you will need to check the labels for the source of the wood).High quality pine bedroom furniture

For most people, the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Next in importance is the wardrobe. When you buy new furniture, it pays to have your own measuring tape as well as a notepad and pen ready. You will want to measure the space you have available for the new item of bedroom furniture whether this is a new pine bedframe or a pine wardrobe. And if your brand new bed comes with a canopy, remember to factor in the measurements for the canopy bed curtains and canopy posts. It is very sad to see a canopy bed without its canopy just because the ceiling is too low to accommodate it.

Apart from the usual length and width (or depth), when buying wardrobes you also need to remember to measure the height. You should also measure the size of all the doorways and halls your new pine furniture will need to be carried through. If your new pine bedroom furniture comes unassembled, you will also need to know the size and weight of the packing crate. This is especially important when you live in an apartment. Basically, these are the questions you want to answer:

  • Once the furniture leaves the lorry or van, do I have a clear path to get it to my bedroom?
  • Is it so heavy that I need to hire someone to move it to my bedroom? With oak furniture, the answer is usually “Yes!” With pine bedroom furniture, which is lighter, it should be sufficient to get help from your family and friends.
  • If the new bedroom furniture comes assembled, can I fit them through all the doorways, halls, and staircases?
  • Is the bed too wide to fit through the hallway? If I turn it on its side, does it become too high? Is the bed too long to be carried around any corners?
  • Is the wardrobe too high to go through the door? If I turn it to lie on its side, does it become too long for me to negotiate it over the turns in the staircase?

Before you go shopping, you may also want to know if your new furniture will match your existing bedroom decor. A simple way to do this is to take many photos of your bedroom with a digital camera. After that upload it to a laptop (if you do not have your own, borrow one from a friend). When you go to the furniture shop, take photos of their beds and wardrobes, upload those photos into the laptop and compare those photos side by side with the photos of your bedroom. While the shop will say that photography is not allowed, the salesman will happily escort you personally if you show him that you are a serious buyer.

Pine bedroom furniture is moderately durable, reasonably affordable (for real wood furniture) and looks good. It is naturally light in color, which helps to make your bedroom feel brighter and more spacious.

Do you know these facts about pine bedroom furniture?

In today’s modern world, solid wood bedroom furniture is considered a luxury item. Cherry wood, beech, and pine bedroom furniture sell for high prices. Solid oak, mahogany and teak furniture are nearly impossible to find except in antiques. Except for astronomically priced custom furniture, modern furniture makers only use these hardwoods as veneer glued on top of plywood or fibreboard.

Unlike wooden bedroom furniture made from fibreboard, real wood bedroom furniture made from pine is naturally beautiful. Like all real wood, pine has beautiful grains and knots. These natural designs can be further brought out with appropriate stains and treatment. There is a good reason why pine bedroom furniture is holding its own in the market against its cheaper fibreboard counterparts.facts about pine bedroom furniture

Like any furniture made from wood, the pine bedroom furniture needs proper care and maintenance. Unlike the heavy oak antiques, pine is softer and relatively easy to scratch and dent. Like all softwoods, pine wood warps and bends when subjected to extreme conditions. In very dry conditions with high temperatures, pine can dry up and crack. In warm environments with high humidity, pine furniture is prone to fungi and insect attacks. In freezing conditions, pine furniture can shrink and contract, causing the joints to become loose. Unfinished bedroom furniture should not be used under these conditions. Even if the wood is not specially treated with preservatives to protect it, it should at least be waxed regularly or varnished.

Furniture made from plywood cannot be carved, which makes them look plain and functional. Bedroom furniture made from pine does not suffer from this limitation. That means pine bedroom furniture can be made with style and aesthetics in mind. Some styles you will find in the market are the gothic-type Victorian and Queen Anne styles, as well as country-type rustic bedroom furniture and mission bedroom furniture. While the gothic styles are beautiful and elegant, their ornate designs tend to detract from the natural beauty of pine. For the same reason, painted pine furniture is also wasteful because it hides away pine’s special beauty. On the other hand, the simpler designs of country bedroom furniture styles allow the natural beauty of the grains and knotting of pine wood to shine through. They are exceptionally beautiful with just a light or medium stain applied to help the grains stand out more clearly. While some people like the darker stains, they can make the grains a bit overbearing.

If you live in the middle of town in a high rise apartment, you may want to consider buying new unfinished pine bedroom furniture. Like cherry wood, pine wood releases a natural fragrance. Sleeping in an unfinished pine bed lets you feel closer to nature and can help bring some relief from the harsh bleakness of the surrounding concrete jungle.

Besides being more beautiful, pine bedroom furniture has some other advantages compared to plywood and fibreboard furniture. For one thing, pine is a lot more durable. Sure, it is a softwood, but then plywood and fibreboard are also made from softwood. Pine furniture is made from solid boards whereas plywood is made from thin layers of cheap softwood glued together and fibreboard is made from compressed powdered softwood held together within a plastic resin matrix. While Mother Nature does not produce perfect wood, the pressures of cost-cutting in the modern outsourced manufacturing process almost guarantee that only low-quality products are churned out.

Pine bedroom furniture is expensive compared to similar plywood or fibreboard furniture. But it is an investment – pine lasts for decades with proper care, while the cheaper imitations only last a few years. If your budget is limited, and you do not need to have the latest and greatest style, you should consider waiting for your local bedroom furniture outlet to have its annual or seasonal clearance sale. At such times, you can find some very good bargains especially if you are willing to take their display furniture sets.

How to move your new pine bedroom furniture from the store to your home?

Buying your pine bedroom furniture is just the first step. Now that you have finished the fun part, i.e. shopping, you need to think about how to get it into your bedroom. You cannot just plunk down some extra cash for delivery and forget all about the rest of it. You need to make some preparations for yourself if you want your brand new furniture to reach your bedroom in pristine condition.

Regardless of whether you are moving an entire bedroom furniture package or just one small nightstand, the rules are the same. You need to know if your furniture needs assembly. If it does, you need to prepare space to carry out this assembly. I once bought a set of drawers to help me organize the mess in my room. Ironically, the mess prevented me from assembling the drawer and it went unused for some time. Do not let this happen to you.

You also need to know the type and size of packaging. For example, is the packaging a regular box, or is it a wooden crate? How large is the package? How many packages are there? Depending on how your pine bedroom furniture is packaged, you may also need to prepare space for unpacking the furniture as well as disposing of the packaging afterward. Besides this, you also need to plan for the removal of any old furniture. For example, if you are replacing your old bed, you need to think about what to do with it. Before the furniture movers bring in your new bed, you will need to “redeploy” it or dispose of it. It is often possible to pay a little extra cash to the movers to move your old furniture, but you should make sure of this beforehand.pine bedroom furniture in the store

The next important step is to map at least one path to your bedroom. I am a bit paranoid – I prefer to map out two or three different paths if at all possible because I know that unexpected things can happen. For example, the packing crate could be taller or wider than expected, or your original path could become unavailable for some reason (e.g. an emergency renovation to fix something).

You will want to temporarily pack away any breakable items sometime before the deliverymen come. If possible, you should also move any tables, chairs, chests, and cupboards away from the path to reduce the number of possible obstructions. Anything that protrudes out, like doorknobs, should be wrapped in several layers of thick cloth or some other tough padding. Mats and anything else that can cause the delivery man to trip or slip should also be removed.

If you are moving the pine bedroom furniture yourself, here is a list of things you need to be aware of:

  • Look for a strong fixed point where you can grip and lift the furniture. For example, the handle of the wardrobe door is NOT a good choice. While this may be common sense to you, I have still seen too many people try to lift things by grabbing or pushing on protrusions which are too flimsy to support the weight of the object being moved.
  • Make sure you can get a good grip on the furniture with both hands. Some people like to wear gloves to protect their hands when doing heavy work. This is fine as long as the gloves do not interfere with your grip.
  • Do not drag the furniture or package on the floor. Do not let your helpers drag the furniture either. This could damage both your floor and your furniture. If the package or crate is too heavy to lift, you may need to use a trolley. Use a proper trolley – unless it is a small side table or nightstand, your teenaged son’s skateboard WILL NOT WORK!

Regardless of who moves the furniture into your bedroom, there are two more things you need to do:

  • Allocate enough time to do the job or supervise its proper completion
  • Make sure you have some petty cash handy for incidentals, e.g. tipping the mover for any extra work you want him to do for you, and paying to fix any inadvertent damage (especially if you live in an apartment, your neighbors will sic the building manager on you if the hallway is damaged by moving in the new bedroom furniture or disposing of the old furniture)

Shopping for your pine bedroom furniture is fun, but it is only the first step. You still need to receive your new bed and/or wardrobe. Making all the right preparations is boring but serious and important business.