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Do you know the origin of pine bedroom furniture?

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The earliest furniture was probably the bed. Albeit little more than a pile of straw or leaves used for sleeping at that time, it has evolved a great deal since then. Today, the bed is just one part of an entire set of bedroom furniture. Modern solid wood bedroom furniture is largely made from beech, pine and cherry wood. Most wood bedroom furniture is actually made from plywood or fibreboard with a veneer of more expensive wood like teak, mahogany or oak.

In the modern world today, real wooden bedroom furniture is relatively expensive. There is beech, which was considered a cheap wood when it started gaining traction in the 1600s. And the same situation held for cherry wood and pine bedroom furniture when they made their appearance in the 1800s. Furniture made from all three types of wood is now considered high-end bedroom furniture.pine bedfoom furniture

Nowadays, discount bedroom furniture is usually made from plywood or some kind of high-density or medium density fibreboard (MDF). Plywood is made from sheets of low-quality wood glued together with their grains crosswise from each other. On the other hand, fibreboard is made from cheap wood (either softwoods or some recycled wood) which turned into powder. This powder is then compressed together with a resin under high pressure into the desired form. Either way, the whole of their parts is stronger than the sum.

In the Western world, furniture used to be made from hardwoods like oak. This was true from the Middle Ages until the mid-1600s. From then on, furniture makers switched to softwoods like beech. Part of the reason was due to scarcity caused by overlogging. Hardwood forests grow very slowly and take too much time to replenish themselves. Another reason is that hardwoods are more difficult to work with. For custom-made furniture made-to-order for the rich and wealthy nobility, this was not a problem. But after the Middle Ages, the general level of wealth grew. The aristocrats no longer controlled the economy, and the masses finally had money. Furniture craftsmen discovered that selling 100 beds to the middle-class made them more money than selling one bed to a duke or baron. Especially since those 100 beds are made from softwoods that needed to be replaced after a few decades, compared to that one bed made from oak which could last more than a hundred years.

Unlike a century ago, if you want to buy real pine bedroom furniture today, you will need to fork out quite a hefty chunk of cash. At least, that is the case under normal circumstances. However, if you are willing to buy used bedroom furniture, you can always look for them in garage sales, eBay and hotel bedroom furniture on sale.

If you feel leery of sleeping on a bed that has an unknown history, you can always wait for clearance sales from a bedroom furniture warehouse. Even your local bedroom furniture outlet will let go of the old stock with a steep discount. One more way you can find discounts is to look for bedroom furniture online. Many furniture manufacturers are starting to make use of Amazon’s online store to sell their bedroom furniture packages. Some have even set up their own online stores. Some of these furniture packages are offered with very generous discounts because they bypass the traditional middlemen who operate the display showrooms.

Finding pine bedroom furniture for sale can take a bit of patience. However, the wait is worth it. Real pine is a great deal more robust and sturdy than most wood composites. And unlike pine veneer, badly scratched solid wood bedroom furniture can be repaired by stripping away the old paint or varnish, sanding away the damage, and then refinishing it. Unlike the 1800s, when pine was considered a cheap wood, pine furniture today is an investment.

Pine bedroom furniture VS oak bedroom furniture – when should you choose pine and when should you choose oak?

Real wood bedroom furniture is always a fine choice. The two types of wood you most often see in use are oak and pine. Which one you choose is sometimes a matter of preference. However, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, and this should be considered when you are choosing between pine bedroom furniture and oak bedroom furniture.

Pine is lightweight and pliable which makes it easy to craft as well as maintain and repair. It is considered a softwood, at least in comparison to hardwood like oak. Do not let that term fool you, though. If someone hits you with a pine 2×4, it is going to hurt … a lot.

Pine trees grow much faster can be found in greater abundance than oak. There are even pine plantations, making pine bedroom furniture a very eco-friendly choice. For those who value the environment and favor eco-friendly decor, beds and wardrobes made from pine are an excellent choice. Using these two core items of bedroom furniture as a base, you can slowly add additional accessories like side-tables, vanities and storage chests, all made from eco-friendly pine grown in plantations.Pine bedroom furniture VS oak bedroom furniture

Pine has naturally beautiful grains and knots. This makes them very suitable for use in making simpler styles of wooden bedroom furniture like the Mexican, southwestern, mission, country and rustic-styles. Unlike the elaborate gothic Victorian and Queen Anne styles whose complex carvings and moldings hide the beauty of the pine wood, these simpler styles (e.g. rustic bedroom furniture) help to bring out the beauty of the grains.

Pinewood is naturally light in color, so furniture craftsmen use a variety of stains to highlight the grains and knottings in the boards they use. Boards from different trees have different grains. Higher quality pine bedroom furniture makes use of similar boards in the entire set to give a more coherent look and feel. Nevertheless, there is still a certain amount of variability. However, this is also part of its charm.

While most pine bedroom furniture is finished with a layer of varnish or even painted, there is unfinished bedroom furniture sold. Sometimes this is for reasons of cost, or for DIY enthusiasts. But in the case of pine, there is another reason. Fresh-cut pine releases a natural fragrance that many people like, and hence there are those who are willing to pay more for new unfinished pine furniture sets.

However, leaving your pine furniture unfinished does pose some risk. Pine is not very resistant to the elements, so if you live somewhere with high humidity, you might find your unfinished pine bedroom warping or rot within a few years. If you live in the country-side, you may also find your unfinished pine furniture quickly attacked by insects.

Even finished pine bedroom furniture is not a good choice if you live in a place where there is a high variation in temperature. For example, deserts are very hot in the day but can drop below freezing at night. The same goes for places with very hot and humid summers but very cold and dry winters. These extremities in weather conditions can cause the pine boards to shrink or warp. Because different boards will shrink and warp differently, the joints of your bed frame, wardrobe and other furniture will quickly weaken.

Unlike pine, oak is a very durable and solid hardwood. It is very resistant to the elements and rotting, having been used to make barrels and ships in the past. Unfortunately, it grows very slowly and has become scarce. As a result, oak bedroom furniture is a great deal more expensive than pine bedroom furniture.

Oak does not scratch or dent easily and is difficult to work. This is another reason for the higher cost of oak bedroom furniture. However, oak offers tremendous value for its higher price – it is naturally resistant to fungi and insects, and it does not warp or bend easily. There are sets of solid wood bedroom furniture made of oak that has been passed down through several generations. All that the new owners do is to strip away the old varnish or paint and refinish it, leaving their oak bedroom furniture looking almost as good as new.

Both pine bedroom furniture and oak bedroom furniture make a great choice for the home. However, besides your own preferences, you need to consider the climate of the place you stay as well as your budget.

You should choose pine bedroom furniture to create a warm and cozy haven

The modern lifestyle is very hectic and stressful. For many people, their bedrooms form the core of their sanctuary from the pressures of life. Because of this, it is important to furnish your bedroom in a warm and comforting manner. Your furniture needs to look good and feel good. Pine bedroom furniture is admirable in this respect – pine is both sturdy and durable, and it also looks good.

Pine bedroom furniture has a naturally light tone with rich grain and beautiful knots. Due to this nature, solid wood bedroom furniture made of pine gives off a feeling of warmth, comfort, and safety. The natural beauty of pine fits the simple style of mission bedroom furniture really well. With a light-colored stain or just a layer of clear varnish, pine headboards, wardrobes, chests and side-tables give a bedroom a light and airy feeling, helping to lift the weight of the world on your shoulders. On the other hand, a darker stain helps to bring out the natural beauty of pine even more, and appreciating this beauty can help distract your mind from the pressures you face at work.

When choosing wood bedroom furniture made of pine, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Heavy, complex and gothic styles of furnishings do not work well with pine bedroom furniture. The elaborate carvings of Victorian style furniture mask the natural beauty of pine. The simplicity of the country bedroom furniture style makes far better use of the natural beauty of pine – there are only minimal moldings to distract you from appreciating the beauty of pine’s rich grains and knotting.choose pine bedroom furniture to create a warm and cozy haven

When you decorate your bedroom, you should choose wooden bedroom furniture that helps to give a warm and cozy feeling. But new pine bedroom furniture can be expensive. Used bedroom furniture passed down from relatives can be a God-send. You can strip away or sand down the old scratched finish and paint it over with a light color. A white-themed pine bedroom can really give you a fresh and clean feeling. Add a luxurious white down comforter to your bed and you will find it difficult to resist the lure of sleep.

If you do not like the thought of buying used furniture, unfinished bedroom furniture can be a viable alternative. Unfinished pine furniture can be cheaper and has the further advantage that you can finish it to best fit your bedroom decor. You can paint your pine bedroom furniture white, leave it unstained and just finish it with a clear varnish, use a light stain, or use a dark stain to really highlight the beauty of the wood. You can even use different stains to highlight different pieces of furniture, for example using a slightly darker stain on your pine bed-frame while using a slightly lighter stain on your wardrobe will subtly showcase your bed as the centerpiece and recede the wardrobe into the background.

Pine bedroom furniture is a worthwhile investment to give yourself a warm and cozy haven. With proper care, it can give you decades of use, unlike cheaper alternatives made of plastic, plywood or wood-composites. Unlike the scarcer oak and teak, pine furniture is affordable by even young couples still advancing in their careers.