Pine Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

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pine bedroom furniture in the store

Are you looking to buy new pine bedroom furniture? For many families, especially younger families, buying new pieces of bedroom furniture is something that happens every few years. When a young couple moves into their new home, they may be forced to make do with plywood, wood composites, or plastic faux-wood due to a limited budget. But with each promotion, with each raise, with each annual performance bonus earned, the urge to get something better and more luxurious rears its head.

There is no real reason to resist this urge to upgrade your bedroom furniture, as long as you really upgrade to higher quality bed mattress and wardrobes rather than just choosing based on brand names. Oak furniture offers the best value and can last for generations, but is difficult for people still in the early parts of their careers to afford. However, pine furniture for the bedroom makes a good intermediate step. When properly cared for, it can last for a few decades. It is more affordable than furniture made from scarcer oak wood. Pine bedroom furniture made from wood grown in plantations is also more eco-friendly (you will need to check the labels for the source of the wood).High quality pine bedroom furniture

For most people, the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Next in importance is the wardrobe. When you buy new furniture, it pays to have your own measuring tape as well as a notepad and pen ready. You will want to measure the space you have available for the new item of bedroom furniture whether this is a new pine bedframe or a pine wardrobe. And if your brand new bed comes with a canopy, remember to factor in the measurements for the canopy bed curtains and canopy posts. It is very sad to see a canopy bed without its canopy just because the ceiling is too low to accommodate it.

Apart from the usual length and width (or depth), when buying wardrobes you also need to remember to measure the height. You should also measure the size of all the doorways and halls your new pine furniture will need to be carried through. If your new pine bedroom furniture comes unassembled, you will also need to know the size and weight of the packing crate. This is especially important when you live in an apartment. Basically, these are the questions you want to answer:

  • Once the furniture leaves the lorry or van, do I have a clear path to get it to my bedroom?
  • Is it so heavy that I need to hire someone to move it to my bedroom? With oak furniture, the answer is usually “Yes!” With pine bedroom furniture, which is lighter, it should be sufficient to get help from your family and friends.
  • If the new bedroom furniture comes assembled, can I fit them through all the doorways, halls, and staircases?
  • Is the bed too wide to fit through the hallway? If I turn it on its side, does it become too high? Is the bed too long to be carried around any corners?
  • Is the wardrobe too high to go through the door? If I turn it to lie on its side, does it become too long for me to negotiate it over the turns in the staircase?

Before you go shopping, you may also want to know if your new furniture will match your existing bedroom decor. A simple way to do this is to take many photos of your bedroom with a digital camera. After that upload it to a laptop (if you do not have your own, borrow one from a friend). When you go to the furniture shop, take photos of their beds and wardrobes, upload those photos into the laptop and compare those photos side by side with the photos of your bedroom. While the shop will say that photography is not allowed, the salesman will happily escort you personally if you show him that you are a serious buyer.

Pine bedroom furniture is moderately durable, reasonably affordable (for real wood furniture) and looks good. It is naturally light in color, which helps to make your bedroom feel brighter and more spacious.

Do you know these facts about pine bedroom furniture?

In today’s modern world, solid wood bedroom furniture is considered a luxury item. Cherry wood, beech, and pine bedroom furniture sell for high prices. Solid oak, mahogany and teak furniture are nearly impossible to find except in antiques. Except for astronomically priced custom furniture, modern furniture makers only use these hardwoods as veneer glued on top of plywood or fibreboard.

Unlike wooden bedroom furniture made from fibreboard, real wood bedroom furniture made from pine is naturally beautiful. Like all real wood, pine has beautiful grains and knots. These natural designs can be further brought out with appropriate stains and treatment. There is a good reason why pine bedroom furniture is holding its own in the market against its cheaper fibreboard counterparts.facts about pine bedroom furniture

Like any furniture made from wood, the pine bedroom furniture needs proper care and maintenance. Unlike the heavy oak antiques, pine is softer and relatively easy to scratch and dent. Like all softwoods, pine wood warps and bends when subjected to extreme conditions. In very dry conditions with high temperatures, pine can dry up and crack. In warm environments with high humidity, pine furniture is prone to fungi and insect attacks. In freezing conditions, pine furniture can shrink and contract, causing the joints to become loose. Unfinished bedroom furniture should not be used under these conditions. Even if the wood is not specially treated with preservatives to protect it, it should at least be waxed regularly or varnished.

Furniture made from plywood cannot be carved, which makes them look plain and functional. Bedroom furniture made from pine does not suffer from this limitation. That means pine bedroom furniture can be made with style and aesthetics in mind. Some styles you will find in the market are the gothic-type Victorian and Queen Anne styles, as well as country-type rustic bedroom furniture and mission bedroom furniture. While the gothic styles are beautiful and elegant, their ornate designs tend to detract from the natural beauty of pine. For the same reason, painted pine furniture is also wasteful because it hides away pine’s special beauty. On the other hand, the simpler designs of country bedroom furniture styles allow the natural beauty of the grains and knotting of pine wood to shine through. They are exceptionally beautiful with just a light or medium stain applied to help the grains stand out more clearly. While some people like the darker stains, they can make the grains a bit overbearing.

If you live in the middle of town in a high rise apartment, you may want to consider buying new unfinished pine bedroom furniture. Like cherry wood, pine wood releases a natural fragrance. Sleeping in an unfinished pine bed lets you feel closer to nature and can help bring some relief from the harsh bleakness of the surrounding concrete jungle.

Besides being more beautiful, pine bedroom furniture has some other advantages compared to plywood and fibreboard furniture. For one thing, pine is a lot more durable. Sure, it is a softwood, but then plywood and fibreboard are also made from softwood. Pine furniture is made from solid boards whereas plywood is made from thin layers of cheap softwood glued together and fibreboard is made from compressed powdered softwood held together within a plastic resin matrix. While Mother Nature does not produce perfect wood, the pressures of cost-cutting in the modern outsourced manufacturing process almost guarantee that only low-quality products are churned out.

Pine bedroom furniture is expensive compared to similar plywood or fibreboard furniture. But it is an investment – pine lasts for decades with proper care, while the cheaper imitations only last a few years. If your budget is limited, and you do not need to have the latest and greatest style, you should consider waiting for your local bedroom furniture outlet to have its annual or seasonal clearance sale. At such times, you can find some very good bargains especially if you are willing to take their display furniture sets.

How to move your new pine bedroom furniture from the store to your home?

Buying your pine bedroom furniture is just the first step. Now that you have finished the fun part, i.e. shopping, you need to think about how to get it into your bedroom. You cannot just plunk down some extra cash for delivery and forget all about the rest of it. You need to make some preparations for yourself if you want your brand new furniture to reach your bedroom in pristine condition.

Regardless of whether you are moving an entire bedroom furniture package or just one small nightstand, the rules are the same. You need to know if your furniture needs assembly. If it does, you need to prepare space to carry out this assembly. I once bought a set of drawers to help me organize the mess in my room. Ironically, the mess prevented me from assembling the drawer and it went unused for some time. Do not let this happen to you.

You also need to know the type and size of packaging. For example, is the packaging a regular box, or is it a wooden crate? How large is the package? How many packages are there? Depending on how your pine bedroom furniture is packaged, you may also need to prepare space for unpacking the furniture as well as disposing of the packaging afterward. Besides this, you also need to plan for the removal of any old furniture. For example, if you are replacing your old bed, you need to think about what to do with it. Before the furniture movers bring in your new bed, you will need to “redeploy” it or dispose of it. It is often possible to pay a little extra cash to the movers to move your old furniture, but you should make sure of this beforehand.pine bedroom furniture in the store

The next important step is to map at least one path to your bedroom. I am a bit paranoid – I prefer to map out two or three different paths if at all possible because I know that unexpected things can happen. For example, the packing crate could be taller or wider than expected, or your original path could become unavailable for some reason (e.g. an emergency renovation to fix something).

You will want to temporarily pack away any breakable items sometime before the deliverymen come. If possible, you should also move any tables, chairs, chests, and cupboards away from the path to reduce the number of possible obstructions. Anything that protrudes out, like doorknobs, should be wrapped in several layers of thick cloth or some other tough padding. Mats and anything else that can cause the delivery man to trip or slip should also be removed.

If you are moving the pine bedroom furniture yourself, here is a list of things you need to be aware of:

  • Look for a strong fixed point where you can grip and lift the furniture. For example, the handle of the wardrobe door is NOT a good choice. While this may be common sense to you, I have still seen too many people try to lift things by grabbing or pushing on protrusions which are too flimsy to support the weight of the object being moved.
  • Make sure you can get a good grip on the furniture with both hands. Some people like to wear gloves to protect their hands when doing heavy work. This is fine as long as the gloves do not interfere with your grip.
  • Do not drag the furniture or package on the floor. Do not let your helpers drag the furniture either. This could damage both your floor and your furniture. If the package or crate is too heavy to lift, you may need to use a trolley. Use a proper trolley – unless it is a small side table or nightstand, your teenaged son’s skateboard WILL NOT WORK!

Regardless of who moves the furniture into your bedroom, there are two more things you need to do:

  • Allocate enough time to do the job or supervise its proper completion
  • Make sure you have some petty cash handy for incidentals, e.g. tipping the mover for any extra work you want him to do for you, and paying to fix any inadvertent damage (especially if you live in an apartment, your neighbors will sic the building manager on you if the hallway is damaged by moving in the new bedroom furniture or disposing of the old furniture)

Shopping for your pine bedroom furniture is fun, but it is only the first step. You still need to receive your new bed and/or wardrobe. Making all the right preparations is boring but serious and important business.


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Do you know the origin of pine bedroom furniture?

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The earliest furniture was probably the bed. Albeit little more than a pile of straw or leaves used for sleeping at that time, it has evolved a great deal since then. Today, the bed is just one part of an entire set of bedroom furniture. Modern solid wood bedroom furniture is largely made from beech, pine and cherry wood. Most wood bedroom furniture is actually made from plywood or fibreboard with a veneer of more expensive wood like teak, mahogany or oak.

In the modern world today, real wooden bedroom furniture is relatively expensive. There is beech, which was considered a cheap wood when it started gaining traction in the 1600s. And the same situation held for cherry wood and pine bedroom furniture when they made their appearance in the 1800s. Furniture made from all three types of wood is now considered high-end bedroom furniture.pine bedfoom furniture

Nowadays, discount bedroom furniture is usually made from plywood or some kind of high-density or medium density fibreboard (MDF). Plywood is made from sheets of low-quality wood glued together with their grains crosswise from each other. On the other hand, fibreboard is made from cheap wood (either softwoods or some recycled wood) which turned into powder. This powder is then compressed together with a resin under high pressure into the desired form. Either way, the whole of their parts is stronger than the sum.

In the Western world, furniture used to be made from hardwoods like oak. This was true from the Middle Ages until the mid-1600s. From then on, furniture makers switched to softwoods like beech. Part of the reason was due to scarcity caused by overlogging. Hardwood forests grow very slowly and take too much time to replenish themselves. Another reason is that hardwoods are more difficult to work with. For custom-made furniture made-to-order for the rich and wealthy nobility, this was not a problem. But after the Middle Ages, the general level of wealth grew. The aristocrats no longer controlled the economy, and the masses finally had money. Furniture craftsmen discovered that selling 100 beds to the middle-class made them more money than selling one bed to a duke or baron. Especially since those 100 beds are made from softwoods that needed to be replaced after a few decades, compared to that one bed made from oak which could last more than a hundred years.

Unlike a century ago, if you want to buy real pine bedroom furniture today, you will need to fork out quite a hefty chunk of cash. At least, that is the case under normal circumstances. However, if you are willing to buy used bedroom furniture, you can always look for them in garage sales, eBay and hotel bedroom furniture on sale.

If you feel leery of sleeping on a bed that has an unknown history, you can always wait for clearance sales from a bedroom furniture warehouse. Even your local bedroom furniture outlet will let go of the old stock with a steep discount. One more way you can find discounts is to look for bedroom furniture online. Many furniture manufacturers are starting to make use of Amazon’s online store to sell their bedroom furniture packages. Some have even set up their own online stores. Some of these furniture packages are offered with very generous discounts because they bypass the traditional middlemen who operate the display showrooms.

Finding pine bedroom furniture for sale can take a bit of patience. However, the wait is worth it. Real pine is a great deal more robust and sturdy than most wood composites. And unlike pine veneer, badly scratched solid wood bedroom furniture can be repaired by stripping away the old paint or varnish, sanding away the damage, and then refinishing it. Unlike the 1800s, when pine was considered a cheap wood, pine furniture today is an investment.

Pine bedroom furniture VS oak bedroom furniture – when should you choose pine and when should you choose oak?

Real wood bedroom furniture is always a fine choice. The two types of wood you most often see in use are oak and pine. Which one you choose is sometimes a matter of preference. However, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, and this should be considered when you are choosing between pine bedroom furniture and oak bedroom furniture.

Pine is lightweight and pliable which makes it easy to craft as well as maintain and repair. It is considered a softwood, at least in comparison to hardwood like oak. Do not let that term fool you, though. If someone hits you with a pine 2×4, it is going to hurt … a lot.

Pine trees grow much faster can be found in greater abundance than oak. There are even pine plantations, making pine bedroom furniture a very eco-friendly choice. For those who value the environment and favor eco-friendly decor, beds and wardrobes made from pine are an excellent choice. Using these two core items of bedroom furniture as a base, you can slowly add additional accessories like side-tables, vanities and storage chests, all made from eco-friendly pine grown in plantations.Pine bedroom furniture VS oak bedroom furniture

Pine has naturally beautiful grains and knots. This makes them very suitable for use in making simpler styles of wooden bedroom furniture like the Mexican, southwestern, mission, country and rustic-styles. Unlike the elaborate gothic Victorian and Queen Anne styles whose complex carvings and moldings hide the beauty of the pine wood, these simpler styles (e.g. rustic bedroom furniture) help to bring out the beauty of the grains.

Pinewood is naturally light in color, so furniture craftsmen use a variety of stains to highlight the grains and knottings in the boards they use. Boards from different trees have different grains. Higher quality pine bedroom furniture makes use of similar boards in the entire set to give a more coherent look and feel. Nevertheless, there is still a certain amount of variability. However, this is also part of its charm.

While most pine bedroom furniture is finished with a layer of varnish or even painted, there is unfinished bedroom furniture sold. Sometimes this is for reasons of cost, or for DIY enthusiasts. But in the case of pine, there is another reason. Fresh-cut pine releases a natural fragrance that many people like, and hence there are those who are willing to pay more for new unfinished pine furniture sets.

However, leaving your pine furniture unfinished does pose some risk. Pine is not very resistant to the elements, so if you live somewhere with high humidity, you might find your unfinished pine bedroom warping or rot within a few years. If you live in the country-side, you may also find your unfinished pine furniture quickly attacked by insects.

Even finished pine bedroom furniture is not a good choice if you live in a place where there is a high variation in temperature. For example, deserts are very hot in the day but can drop below freezing at night. The same goes for places with very hot and humid summers but very cold and dry winters. These extremities in weather conditions can cause the pine boards to shrink or warp. Because different boards will shrink and warp differently, the joints of your bed frame, wardrobe and other furniture will quickly weaken.

Unlike pine, oak is a very durable and solid hardwood. It is very resistant to the elements and rotting, having been used to make barrels and ships in the past. Unfortunately, it grows very slowly and has become scarce. As a result, oak bedroom furniture is a great deal more expensive than pine bedroom furniture.

Oak does not scratch or dent easily and is difficult to work. This is another reason for the higher cost of oak bedroom furniture. However, oak offers tremendous value for its higher price – it is naturally resistant to fungi and insects, and it does not warp or bend easily. There are sets of solid wood bedroom furniture made of oak that has been passed down through several generations. All that the new owners do is to strip away the old varnish or paint and refinish it, leaving their oak bedroom furniture looking almost as good as new.

Both pine bedroom furniture and oak bedroom furniture make a great choice for the home. However, besides your own preferences, you need to consider the climate of the place you stay as well as your budget.

You should choose pine bedroom furniture to create a warm and cozy haven

The modern lifestyle is very hectic and stressful. For many people, their bedrooms form the core of their sanctuary from the pressures of life. Because of this, it is important to furnish your bedroom in a warm and comforting manner. Your furniture needs to look good and feel good. Pine bedroom furniture is admirable in this respect – pine is both sturdy and durable, and it also looks good.

Pine bedroom furniture has a naturally light tone with rich grain and beautiful knots. Due to this nature, solid wood bedroom furniture made of pine gives off a feeling of warmth, comfort, and safety. The natural beauty of pine fits the simple style of mission bedroom furniture really well. With a light-colored stain or just a layer of clear varnish, pine headboards, wardrobes, chests and side-tables give a bedroom a light and airy feeling, helping to lift the weight of the world on your shoulders. On the other hand, a darker stain helps to bring out the natural beauty of pine even more, and appreciating this beauty can help distract your mind from the pressures you face at work.

When choosing wood bedroom furniture made of pine, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Heavy, complex and gothic styles of furnishings do not work well with pine bedroom furniture. The elaborate carvings of Victorian style furniture mask the natural beauty of pine. The simplicity of the country bedroom furniture style makes far better use of the natural beauty of pine – there are only minimal moldings to distract you from appreciating the beauty of pine’s rich grains and knotting.choose pine bedroom furniture to create a warm and cozy haven

When you decorate your bedroom, you should choose wooden bedroom furniture that helps to give a warm and cozy feeling. But new pine bedroom furniture can be expensive. Used bedroom furniture passed down from relatives can be a God-send. You can strip away or sand down the old scratched finish and paint it over with a light color. A white-themed pine bedroom can really give you a fresh and clean feeling. Add a luxurious white down comforter to your bed and you will find it difficult to resist the lure of sleep.

If you do not like the thought of buying used furniture, unfinished bedroom furniture can be a viable alternative. Unfinished pine furniture can be cheaper and has the further advantage that you can finish it to best fit your bedroom decor. You can paint your pine bedroom furniture white, leave it unstained and just finish it with a clear varnish, use a light stain, or use a dark stain to really highlight the beauty of the wood. You can even use different stains to highlight different pieces of furniture, for example using a slightly darker stain on your pine bed-frame while using a slightly lighter stain on your wardrobe will subtly showcase your bed as the centerpiece and recede the wardrobe into the background.

Pine bedroom furniture is a worthwhile investment to give yourself a warm and cozy haven. With proper care, it can give you decades of use, unlike cheaper alternatives made of plastic, plywood or wood-composites. Unlike the scarcer oak and teak, pine furniture is affordable by even young couples still advancing in their careers.

Twin size Memory Foam mattress Advantages and Reviews

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Memory foam is made from polyurethane foam and it is designed to soften in reaction to body heat, this allows it to mold itself to a warm body in just a few minutes. A twin size memory foam mattress can allow two people to be very comfortable in the same bed even if they have very different requirements for their personal comfort. The shape of a memory foam mattress twin size molds quickly to the shape of both of the people who are lying on it.  This type of mattress means that both can be completely comfortable while sharing the same bed. This can be a great advantage for a couple who need specific support from a mattress for their own body shape but want to continue sharing a bed.

The Advantages of a Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress

The foam of a memory foam mattress twin size returns quickly to its basic shape which means that it will stay comfortable as you move around during the night. The memory foam will adjust as you move on it to give full comfortable support as you change position during the night. The advantage of it adapting quickly means that support and comfort will be there however much you move and will not restrict your movement as some other support mattresses can. A twin memory foam mattress is an extremely comfortable type of mattress that will keep both sleeping partners comfortable in their own way and make sure that both get the rest they need.

The Advantages of a  Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress
The Advantages of a Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress

The benefits of a twin memory foam mattress include a more supportive and comfortable sleep for both partners. The memory foam does this by reducing pressure points on the back, the neck and the limbs. This is why they have become so popular among domestic consumers. The memory foam used to be much too expensive for general domestic use but has become much cheaper in recent years allowing more people to have a memory foam mattress twin at home, you can check this foam globes guide to find the cheapest twin size mattress listed. Initially, most home users may have bought them on medical advice and they were single mattresses. A twin size memory foam mattress has the advantage of being ideal for a couple where one partner may benefit from it medically. This means that the couple does not need to get separate mattresses and both will benefit from the comfort and support of the memory foam.

Like any other twin size mattress that you can buy, a twin foam mattress can come in any number of shapes and sizes. You can also choose from a wide range of firmness depending on your preference. One thing to consider is that despite being manufactured using the same basic technology, memory foam is not a standard product. The quality and performance of a memory foam mattress can vary tremendously from mattress to mattress. It is worth, therefore, feeling the quality of the twin mattress that you are considering. Many showrooms will let you literally try different ones out by lying on them. This is a good idea to prove to yourself just how comfortable they are as well as finding the right one for you.

Cost of Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress

The twin size memory foam mattress is the answer to all your problems related to the mattress. Not like other mattresses, they do not align your body when you lie on them. Ordinary mattresses are too soft or too hard. Because of this, you can not give comfort. The memory foam mattress is made to give comfort throughout the body. It is made of “viscoelastic” that molds to the shape of the body and regain its original shape when you rise. The pressure is released, offering support to all parts of the body. You will feel relaxed once you lie on this mattress. Shops memory foam is used not only in mattresses but also pillows and quilts. You can get all this at a discount with the click of an online site. For online purchases, look for leftovers. Some sites of other companies selling goods at deep discounts. A regular memory foam mattress can cost between $ 1299 and $ 3499. Get the best mattress at the right price is the key to success. Wide range MedlinePlus Reflexion collection Sealy latex foam is made of natural material, body contouring. The latex is not only anti-microbial, anti-mite resistant bacterial and dust, but also rust-proof. This mattress is full of health benefits. Another popular choice is Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress and Isotomic. Both companies have manufacturing mattresses that are lightweight, breathable and cause no sweat.

Buys wonderful also manufactures a complete line of bedding memory foam. Their beds are all “viscoelastic” and a popular choice for consumers. A twin memory foam mattress can be purchased online from home comfort, everyday comfort and the like. Even major mattress stores and department stores keep these mattresses for sale. The memory foam mattress has a tendency to soften with heat. At low temperatures, tends to harden. This feature of the mattress has become very popular. Although a bit expensive, people find memory foam mattress is worth the indulgence. Say goodbye to numbness with these mattresses. It improves blood circulation in the limbs and the entire body. You’ll not only sleep better but also lead a better life.

Sarah Peyton Convection Cooled 8 Inch Twin Memory Foam Mattress Review – Best For Your Kids

Your toddler might be too big for a crib already and you want him to have his own bed. If you are thinking along this line, then, consider Sarah Peyton Convection Cooled 8 Inch Twin Memory Foam Mattress as your beloved child’s first bed and he will surely approve of your choice. It has an air cooling system to make your child feeling cool and comfortable at all times. This featured item is another product by Sarah Peyton, which is a famous and leading name in making durable and comfortable mattresses. This featured item is made of a material that allows air to cool for a more comfortable sleep.

Sarah Peyton Convection Cooled 8 Inch Twin Memory Foam Mattress Review – Best For Your Kids
Price and Features

Purchasing it will never create a dent in your pocket because of the amazing price it has now. For a mere $151.31, you can have this product shipped to you right away. Paying this amount, instead of its usual price of $400, will give you 62% savings. This highly affordable mattress would be quite an ordinary buy but for the following features.

  • molds to your body
  • diminishes discomfort on pressure points
  • eliminates discomfort when changing position
  • does not need turning
Who is it for?

It is ideal for toddlers who are experiencing having a real bed, not a crib, for the first time. Older children will also find it comfortable. Adults can also sleep on it and still feel comfortable.

Pros and Cons

There are several benefits that can be derived from Sarah Peyton Convection Cooled 8 Inch Mattress. First, it has an air cooling system that makes it cool and maintains a comfortably low temperature even if the weather is hot. The coolness ensures one of a long and good sleep. The mattress is soft but firm to the touch and supports well the pressure points in the body, thus, preventing muscle and joint pains. Your kids are very mobile so, you are always disturbed when they try to sit on your bed or lie down for a while to be cuddled. Germs, molds and mildews cannot survive on it. This will make you feel secure with regards to the health and wellness of your kids. However, some find the ridges on its surface annoying. There are also some who complained about the smell and the nasty smell that comes with it when newly opened.

Why you should buy it

It is a wise choice and a great money saver with its reduced price at Amazon. Giving it to your child as his first bed will be a delightful experience for both of you. With this mattress, you can easily stay with him and give him a cuddle while telling him a story during bedtime. The durable material is also ideal for energetic children like yours. The guarantee on the item is a good add on and is worthy enough to be mentioned.


With Sarah Peyton Convection Cooled 8 Inch Twin Memory Foam Mattress, your kid will always feel the comfort and warmth of your love as the foam wraps him in a soft cocoon as its makes adjustment to the contours of his body. This is the best thing you can give your child.

Dynasty Mattress 10 Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress Review

Choosing a good mattress is not an easy task with a wide variety that there is nowadays. Most people do not consider sleeping on a good mattress as a health measure; instead, they see it as a luxury. You should consider the quality of the mattress you are about to buy so that it gives you maximum service for a long time. It should be within your budget since it does not have to be expensive to be good. Ensure that you check for the right firmness, size, material, and additional advantage.

Dynasty Mattress 10 Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress Review

Dynasty Mattresses Inc has produced a new and exclusive affordable Dynasty Mattress 10 Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress that has all the qualities of a high-quality mattress. The design was originally created for an adjustable bed base. It is carefully put together using high resilience polyurethane base foam and viscoelastic memory foam. The foam is fitted with excellent foam that conforms to your body shape to reduce tossing and turning that causes fatigue. It is covered with a cotton zipper cover, which does not require a lot of effort to remove for cleaning since it unzips in four ways.

Price and features

The Dynasty Mattress 10 Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress is available in the market at affordable prices. Get one from the online shop at $329.00 only. It has the following product features;

  • Dynasty Mattress 10 Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress
  • It weighs about 50 pounds with measurements of 80 by 38 by 10 inches
  • Top quality viscoelastic memory foam with a high resilience base foam made of polyurethane
  • Removable four ways zipper cover that is easy to clean
  • Conforms to pressure to adjust to body shape ensuring maximum comfort
Who is it for?

It is vital that everybody including babies, adults, and teens to sleep on a superior quality mattress. The Dynasty Mattress 10 Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress is suitable for everybody and it comes in different sizes.

Pros and Cons

It has high-quality materials, and it is affordable with a 20 years warranty. The Dynasty Mattress 10 Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress has technology that enables it to adjust and conform to your body shape hence maximizing comfort.

As for downsides, the mattress is vacuum sealed so it takes a while to expand to the right size and it has an odor that comes from the foam and industrial processing that goes away in a week.

Why you should buy it

Recent research has revealed that most people wake up in the morning feeling tired and fatigued because of sleeping on a poor quality mattress. Therefore it is necessary to sleep on a superior quality mattress to avoid health problems such as back pains, spine strains, and neck pains. The Dynasty Mattress 10 Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress is an exclusively superior quality mattress that will serve you for over 20 years, and it is affordable.


It is time you got a good mattress that will help you reduce aches and fatigue in the morning, ensure that you have a good night’s sleep and bright mornings with the Dynasty Mattress 10 Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress.

Scientists complete genome sequencing of Guangzhou bacteria linked to biowarfare

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Scientists have completed the genome sequencing of Francisella guangzhouensis, a potentially life-threatening bacteria related to a strand used in biological warfare.

The sequencing has revealed a new branch of the genus.

The genome sequencing has distanced the China strand from Francisella tularensis,  also known as rabbit fever, which was one of the seven standarized biological weapons developed before the U.S. biological warfare program ended in 1969.

While information on F.guangzhouensis is still being researched, it’s cousin F.tularensis  can be fatal,  causing various symptoms that are often mistake for common illness.  In most cases, F.tularensis is treated with common antibiotics, according the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Researchers from the FOI–Swedish Defence Research Agency obtained a strand of the F.guangzhouensis which was collected from water in air conditioners in the southern Guangzhou province in 2008.  It was stored  by the Public Health England Culture Collection before being transferred for research.

They grew the strand using  heart cysteine agar (HCA)  and extracted the DNA for sequencing.

Prior to this research, there were two major groups, or clades, of the strand known. The group related to the deadly rabbit fever is classified under “Clade I”.

Upon successful sequencing, researchers found the similarity of F.guangzhouensis genomes and Clade I genomes was only 75.6% and 80% of genomes with Clade II.

“The phylogeny shows that F. guangzhouensis does not belong to any of the two previously known Francisellamain clades or the recently published F. endociliophora clade,” the study, Complete Genome Sequence of F. guangzhouensis type strain 08HL01032T  , Isolated from Air-Conditioning Systems in China, said.

“This isolate forms a new separate branching clade in the Francisella genus.”

It was published online at the American Center for Microbiology on March 19, 2015.

Last generation of foot-bound women balance physical disadvantage in old age

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Women who underwent foot-binding are experiencing higher levels of osteoperosis as they reach their 80s, but maintain the same likelihood of fragility fractures as  those who avoided the archaic practice, a recent study found.

China banned foot-binding  – tightly wrapping a child’s foot in order to stunt growth and produce small feet, often performed as a show of status – in 1912.

As the last generation of Chinese women who experienced foot-binding reach old age, many have managed to overcome the major physical disadvantages, a recent survey found.

Resarchers led by  the Chinese University of Hong Kon surveyed  254 women aged 65-80,  174 of which  had bound feet as children, in a remote region of Yunnan province.

They found that, while bound feet resulted in higher rates of osteoporosis,  the impact on balance and other physical limitations were minimal.

“Results did not reveal any statistically significant differences in any categorical responses, including physical functioning, general health vitality and a  physical component summary score, and number of previous fractures,” the study, Lifelong bound feet in China: a quantitative ultrasound and lifestyle questionnaire study in postmenopausal women, said.

” No impairment of body balance was found.”

The  likely reason for such a low man-made impact, the study asserts, is due to a lifetime of physical activity to compensate balance.

“Implying the importance of improving or maintaining body balance in overall prevention strategies against fragility fractures,” it said.

The study was published online at BMJOpen on March 17.

Which occupation in China gets the best sleep?

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A well-rested work force is the driver of successful commerce.  But which occupation in China gets the best beauty rest?

Researchers from 10 U.S. and Chinese univerities set out to answer the question, collecting data from 18,316  Chinese workers of various occupations aged 18-65.

The analysis found farmers, known for their early mornings, surprisingly got the most sleep with an average of 8.22 hours each night.

On the other end of the spectrum, Civil servants were found slumbering the least with an average of 7.85 hours a night.

Applying the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), a questionaire that registers the psychological symptoms of sleep, they also determined farmers had the highest quailty of sleep.

In this area, white-collar proffessionals had the worst score in terms of quality.

Blue collar workers scored the lowest overall score when factoring age, sex, marital status, education, area, smoking, drinking, pain, and health status.

“blue collar workers are more likely to have shortened sleep duration and poor sleep quality,” the study, Sleep Duration and Quality among Different Occupations–China National Study, said.

It was published by the Public Library of Science on March 17.

Scientists start debate over China origins of modern domesticated Chickens

Scientists have refuted a recently published study that traced the first domesticated chickens to China more than 10,000 years ago, in a paper that says the data used in the first study was “overinterpreted”.

Researchers from Yunnan Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Domestic Animal and the Kunming Institute of Zoology rexamined the data used to track the  origins of the domesticated chicken and  determined there is too much room for error for their prediction.

The original study, published in December 2014, examined mitochondrial DNA extracted from ancient chicken bones found in the Nanzhuangtou archeological site.

Scientists led by China Agricultural University then used DNA analysis  to link ancient and modern chicken  DNA.

”Our results suggest that these early domesticated chickens contributed to the gene pool of modern chicken populations,” the orignal study, Early Holocene chicken domestication in northern China, said.

However, researchers from the Yunnan Labratory said the methods they used were not precise.

“They proposed that the chicken was domesticated in northern China as early as 10,000 y ago. However, a reanalysis of their data suggested that the data are overinterpreted,” the latest paper, Caveats about interpretation of ancient chicken mtDNAs from northern China, said.

Both were published online by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Study finds 80% of Beijing high school students nearsighted

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An extensive study of Chinese high school students grade 10 and 11 found more than 80% had some degree of myopia, or nearsightedness.

Taking a random sample from nine districts in Beijing, researchers tested 4677 high school students for myopia, with 80.7% testing positive.

Among those found positive for myopia, only 40.4% reported wearing glasses on a daily basis, the study found.

Interviews with the students revealed  a  high prevalence of myopia  linked to study time and time spent on ‘near work’ – activities that require focusing on items in close proximity.

Daily study time of more than 8 hours per day was reported by 85.5% of the students examined with 80.1% saying they had less than one hour of sporting activity per day.

Lack of rests between study sessions was another major contributor.  Just over half reported proactively taking a rest during study sessions.

“Since the competition for seats at the university is high, the examination for entrance into the university is difficult and the students intensively prepare,” the study said.

“The high-school students have thus a high load of prolonged near-work during the high-school period during which little time is left for outdoor activities.”

Females aged 16 to 18 had the highest percentage and most severe cases of near-sightedness between the two sexes.

Researchers from Capital Medical University in Beijing, with the help of the Center for Disease Control, also determined  those  from a high-income background or attending key schools resulted in more frequent, more severe cases of nearsightedness.

Genetically, Han students with parents who exhibit myopia were the most likely.

The study aimed to better quantify and understand the level of nearsightedness among Chinese students.

“With this young myopic generation getting older, myopia as cause for visual impairment and blindness may further increase in importance,” the study, Prevalence and Associated Factors of Myopia in High-School Students in Beijing, said.

“Future studies may address whether active rests during studying with looking into the distance are preventive against myopia development or progression.”

It was published online at PLOS ONE on March 24.

Traditional Chinese Medicine used with insulin to improve type 2 diabetes treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combined with standard insulin therapy proved far more efficient in treating  type 2 Diabetes , a new study reports.

A decade ago, type 2 diabetes, which makes up 90% of diabetes cases worldwide, was a rare occurence in China. But the country’s rise in wealth  has been accompanied by an increase of obesity, the primary cause of type 2.

By 2010, China overtook India as the country with the fastest growing incidents of diabetes, with 92.4 million adults affected, according to the International Diabetes Federation.

Scientists from the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine tracked treatment of 219 Chinese diabetes patients, 110 who were given standar insulin therapy and 109 who were treated with TCM and insulin.

After 12 weeks of treatment, those who received dual therapy using Shen-Qi-Formula (SQF), a long-used TCM remedy, had substantially decreased  fasting and postprandial blood glucose levels – two key indicators of controlled type 2 diabetes.

“Moreover, 12-weeks of treatment by SQF and insulin improved the levels of GLP-1, oxidative stress, blood lipids, coagulation function and body weight,” the study said.

Those treated with dual therapy also saw a decrease in body weight, with the average dropping from  91.6 kg to 88.3 kg .  The average body weight for patients treated with just insulin increased from 91.2 kg to 92.1.

Shen-Qi Formula is made from  ginseng, kudzu vine root (Huang Qi), rehmannia, Chinese yam, dogwood, radix trichosanthis, salvia, and cooked rhubarb.

Two of its main ingredients – ginseng and kudzu vine root – have studeid extensively for their effects on type 2 diabetes.

“The results from our study indicated that the combination therapy of SQF and insulin significantly improved the clinical outcome of type 2 diabetes mellitus, compared to the insulin monotherapy,” the study said.

Insulin combined with Chinese medicine improving glycemic outcome through multiple pathways in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus was published by the Journal of Diabetes Investigation online on March 16.

China begins operation of first dual biomass/solar power plant

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Two biomass power generators were fired up as the country’s first dual biomass/solar power plant  began operation in Zhejiang province on Thursday.

The Zhejiang Longquan Biomass Power Plant  is expected to produce 162 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually by consuming 250,000 tons of biomass such as saw dust, straw and other agricultural waste, Xinhua News Agency reported.

The plant’s solar power, which will begin construction this month and begin operation in four months, is expected to produce 1.44 megawatts.

With the solar power alone, the plant is expected to match power production equivalent of burning 430 tons of coal.

The new power plant is also expected to provide an income boost for rural farmers selling their biowaste, which would otherwise be discarded or burned.

One of the plants first customers, a farmer from Longquan City, Zhejiang, sold a truck full of saw dust and earned 1,500 yuan ($242 U.S. dollars).

Scientists estimate that if China recycled all of its biomass, it could offset coal usage by as much as 656 million tons of coal per year.

9.3% more land needed to feed large Chinese cities by 2030

Doubling the pace of expansion for China’s economy is its population’s consumption of meat,  dairy and other land-intensive foods.

Over the course of 30 years, China consumption of land and resource intensive foods has quadrupled,  transforming from a country where meat was  considered a luxury to the largest consumer of it in the world.

In 2012,  China consumed 71 million tons of meat per year, 25% the world’s total and double that of the United States, according to a report by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

In a recent report, scientists from Renmin University in Beijing and Yale University forecast a 9.3% increase in the already strained agricultural land resources of large cities by 2030  if the trend continues.

Factoring in production of  oil and fat products, meat, eggs, aquatic products, dairy, and liquor they projected per capita land demand for food production in large cities would increase from 1402m²  in 2010 to 1533 by 2030.

For small and medium-sized cities, where slower wage growth has stunted the growth of land-intensive food, they projected an increase of 5.3%, from 1192 to 1255 m² per capita.

“Our results imply that urban economic development can significantly affect the final outcomes of land requirements for food production,” the study, Urban economic development, changes in food consumption patterns and land requirements for food production in China, said.

“Urban economic development is expected to accelerate the rate of change towards an affluent diet, which can lead to much higher future land requirements.”

It was published in the China Agriculture Ecnomic Review.

Scientists debunk the myth of “China’s Pompeii”

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Paleontologists have long believed a huge swathe  of well-preserved dinosaur fossils in China’s northeastern Yixian Formation were the result of a single, violent volcanic event that killed thousands of dinosaurs more than 100 million years ago.

The theoretical occurrence was given the title “China’s Pompeii” due to its seeming similarity to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

But a recent study examining the sediment in the area has deteremined the large fossil deposits were the result of several floods rather than a single volcanic event.

Scientists from the University of Bristol, with cooperation from several UK universities, collected samples and used previous studies to determine the volcanic sediment and fossils in the area were likely deposited by water in multiple events.

“Fossils of the Lujiatun Unit occur in several horizons of volcaniclastic sediments that represent multiple depositional events,” the study,The Chinese Pompeii? Death and destruction of dinosaurs in the Early Cretaceous of Lujiatun, NE China, said.

“Petrological analysis shows that the fossil-bearing sediments were remobilised and deposited by water.”

“The Lujiatun dinosaurs and other fossils were therefore not killed by a single airborne volcanic ash, but in multiple flood events with a high load of volcaniclastic debris.”

It was published online by Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology on March 28.

Fungus killing Inner Mongolia’s Sugar Beet crops identified

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Researchers have identified the fungus causing black lesions and rotting roots for Inner Mongolia’s sugar beet harvest as Rhizoctonia solani AG4-HG-I.

In the first report on the spread of the fungus,  scientists from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University  estimated as much as 10% of the region’s crop was infected.

Collecting samples from infected plants, they incubated the fungus before testing and identifying it as Rhizoctonia solani.

R.Solani is one of the more versatile and destructive plant diseases affecting commercial crops.  It can reside in soil for years and, in addition to rotting the plant,  destroys the ability of new seeds to germinate.

It can reduce yields by as much as 25-100% in infected crops.

“To our knowledge, this is the first report of R. solani AG4-HG-I on sugar beets in China,” the study, First Report of Rhizoctonia solani AG4-HG-I Infecting Sugar Beet in China, said.

Inner Mongolia is one of China’s largest sugar beet producing regions, with 95% of the country’s production in the northeast.

Previous cases of a similar infection were identified in plants grown in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, but this is the first study of this strand of the fungus.

The study was published by the The American Phytopathological Society in April. 

Smokers getting younger in Shanghai schools

While China – the largest producer and consumer of cigarettes in the world –  appears to be pushing back against the habit, the next generation of smokers is getting younger, according to a recent study.

Using  the Chinese-language version of the Global Youth Tobacco Survey, 26,675 students were questioned on their attitude toward tobacco, whether they smoked and if they would ever try cigarettes.

With questions like “Do you think smokers are more elegant?” and “Do you think smokers are more popular?”, researchers aimed at finding out not only how many children had experimented with or regularly smoke cigarettes, but also to determine their future intentions to smoke.

The survey found 6.4% of those under the age of 15 had already experimented with cigarettes,  though only 1% of that age range described themselves as “current smokers”,  lower than the global average for developing countries but higher than previous studies.

“There is an increase of approximate 80,000 to 90,000 new smokers among Chinese adolescents aged 12–17 years per day and nearly 11–12 million adolescents experimented with smoking in the past month,” the study said.

“More alarming is that the average age of smoking onset is decreasing.”

Not surprisingly, men outnumbered the regular female smokers aged 13-18 with 5% and 1.4% respectively.

When comparing results for junior high, high school and vocational students, vocational schools had the highest level of smokers, with 29.2% experimenting with cigarettes and 13.5% smoking regularly.  By comparison, only 12.4% of high schoolers had tried smoking and 2.2% reported regularly use.

“Intentions to smoke—thoughts developed before smoking behavior about experimenting with smoking—are worth paying special attention to in adolescent smoking,” the study, Personality, Perceived Environment, and Behavior Systems Related to Future Smoking Intentions among Youths: An Application of Problem-Behavior Theory in Shanghai, China, said. 

“In the study, the perceived environment system was strongly associated with future smoking intentions among youths and peer smoking largely defined intentions to smoke.”

Conducted by researchers at the School of Public Health at Shanghai Jiao Tong University,  the study was published online by PLOS ONE on March 31.

Urgent investment needed for treatment of China’s sewage sludge

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China must urgently invest more in updating sewage sludge treatment to avoid huge environmental costs in the future, a recently published analysis said.

The country is expected to produce 34 million metric tons of sewage sludge in 2015, an increase of 4 million tons from 2012.

“Historically,  over 80% of the sludge has not been treated and disposed of effectively and safely,” researchers from the State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse at Tongji University wrote in their analysis.

Part the difficulty in efficiently disposing of the sludge is China’s practice of mixing municipal and industrial wastewater.  By combining the two, heavy metals from industry such as Zinc, Chromium and Lead are introduced to the sludge, limiting disposal options.

In developed countries,  sewage sludge is often used to help condition soil for farming. But introducing water laden with toxic metals into the soil could poison the land, making it unusable for farming.

China also combines municipal wastewater with rainwater, which introduces a disproportionate level of  inorganic material,  elminating treatment options such as composting, the paper said.

“The separate treatment of municipal wastewater, rainwater, and industrial wastewater should be considered to eliminate the problem of sewage sludge treatment and disposal,” the study, Dilemma of Sewage Sludge Treatment and Disposal in China, said.

“Even if this proposal were to be adopted, sludge treatment and disposal would remain a challenge.”

Alternative methods such as anaerobic digestion – introducing microorganisms to help break the waste down into methane and other biogases –  have been funded and explored, but only a fraction of the facilities capable are in operation.

In 2013, there were 2600 sludge treatment centers. Of those, only 60 used anaerobic digestion and of those, only 10-30 were actually operational, “resulting in wasted infrastructure and treatment facilities”.

Part of the problem stems from funding.  Much of the money towards treating waste goes to wastewater, which receives $68.8 billion annually versus the $5.6 billion going toward sewage sludge treatment.

“More investment in sludge treatment and disposal is urgently needed in China,” it said.

“If not, the investment in wastewater treatment could be in vain as the pollutants would re-enter the environment through sewage sludge.”

The opinion analysis was published Environmental Science and Technology on April 6.

Diet strongest source of mercury exposure in Guizhou province

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China’s dietary staple is likely the primary source of inorganic mercury exposure in Guizhou province, even for those living in close proximity to mercury (Hg)  mines, a recent study found.

While rice has long been established as one of the major sources of mercury for residents in Guizhou,  little research has been done for those living in high-risk areas such as near Hg mines.

Seeking to better understand the risk of exposure, scientists from State Key Laboratory of Environmental Geochemistry with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences tested urinary mercury levels of residents living within 3km of waste heaps from  the Wanshan Hg mining area in Guizhou.

Most suprisingly, they found that dietary intake, rather than fumes from the mine was still the main source of toxic exposure to Hg.

“By calculation of Probable Daily Intake from different routes, we found that dietary intake is the main pathway of IHg exposure for the local population, rather than inhalation of Hg vapor,” the study, Human inorganic mercury exposure, renal effects and possible pathways in Wanshan mercury mining area, China, said.

“It demonstrated a gradient of (urinary mercury) concentrations with the distance from the pollution sources,” the study said.

Testing the effects of exposure to mercury on eye sight, they found those in the area had impaired retinal function.

The study was published online by Environmental Research journal  on April 9.

Food allergies compared among SE Chinese and Russian children

Like many aspects of child development, environment plays a huge role in which foods children have an adverse reaction to.

A recent study tested more than 2000 children aged 7-10  in an attempt  to find how food sensitivities differ among children in the West Siberian city of Tomsk, south eastern China’s Guangdong province, rural Shaoguan city and Hong Kong.

“Compared to Europe, little is known about sensitization to food and inhalant sources in Russia and China,” the study said.

Scientists from 7 universities, including the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Imperial College of London, found local diet and environment played a huge role in dictating allergies.

Shrimp and Crab were the most common sensitivities for Chinese children among the 27 foods and 8 inhalants tested, with  7-25% and  4-9% respectively of children showing reactions to the two foods.

Despite a heavy seafood diet,  Hong Kong children showed the most sensitivity to milk at 17% and to egg at 15%.

In Tomsk, Hazelnuts and fruits  – both common in the Russian diet – were the most prevalent allergens, with both around 6%. In Guangzhou, allergies to hazelnuts were virtually non-existant, the study said.

When testing inhalants, Chinese children showed an unexpectantly high sensitivity to house dust mites (HDM), with an overall average of ~39%.

In Hong Kong, a staggering 79% showed sensitivty to HDM, compared to just 13% in Tomsk.

“Sensitization profiles in Tomsk are dominated by birch pollen cross-reactivity, similar to what is common in Central and Northern Europe,” the study, Food sensitisation profiles in school-aged children from China and Russia, said.

“In contrast, sensitization to HDM and sea foods dominated the picture in China.”

“Whether house dust mite sensitization is (partly) at the basis of the high prevalence of seafood sensitization (e.g. via Der p 10/tropomyosin) or whether it is the seafood-rich diet, is currently under investigation.”

It was published in  Clinical and Translational Allergy 2015 on March 30.

Are China’s subways a shelter from pollution?

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With a wall of wind and sand enveloping Beijing on Wednesday, many stranded commuters were left seeking refuge in shops and underground subway stations.  But is the air any safer in the subway?

According to a recent report examining the microclimate of Shanghai’s subway system,  only a small percentage of pollution makes its way underground.

Researchers from the State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Risk Assessment and Control on Chemical Process monitored temperature, humidity and PM 1, 2.5, 10 particles of the  subway tunnel in real time.

They found all particulates of air pollution were significantly lower than aboveground levels.

“Air quality in the tunnel was comparatively good, with 76% of PM2.5 and 91% of PM10  reaching relative standards,” the study said.

The average temperature when the data was collected in mid-November hovered at a comfortable 29.4 degrees celcius, while humidity was observed at 29.6%.

They also recorded a fluctuation in air pollution during peak and off-peak hours, something they partially attribute to the operation of more trains.

“This phenomenon might result from plenty of coarse particles generated by mechanical grinding in the process of train driving,” the study, Characterization of PM and Microclimate in a Shanghai Subway Tunnel, China, said.

As for the best day of the week to travel to avoid air pollution – Wednesdays apparently recorded the overall best environment.

Fridays, with a rush of people travelling throughout the city for the weekend, had the worse recorded particulate levels, followed by Thursday, Monday and Tuesday.

The study was published in Procedia Engineering and became available online on April 9.

Household mosquito repellant almost doubles chance of childhood leukemia in China

A study of childhood acute leukemia (AL)  patients in Shanghai has found household  mosquito repellants can potentially double the odds of contracting the cancer.

Tracking 248 newly diagnosed cases of acute leukemia  (AL)  and using 111 controls, researchers from the Department of Environmental Health at Shanghai’s Jiao Tong University assessed levels of  5 common household pesticides for the children.

From the data collected, they determined children exposed to household mosquito repellant had almost twice risk for AL, with a 1.9:1 odds ratio.

“The household use of mosquito repellent was significantly associated with an increased risk of childhood AL,” the study said.

Using  urine samples,  they tested for common pesticide ingredients  dimethyl phosphate (DMP), diethyl phosphate (DEP), dimethyl thiophosphate (DMTP), diethyl thiophosphate (DETP), and diethyl dithiophosphate (DEDTP).

Children suffering from AL showed higher urine concentrations for all 5 chemicals.

Measuring DMP,  known to be potentially harmful on the brain and nervous system, child AL patients were found with 13.2 micrograms per gram compared with just 3.6 for non-AL patients.

For DMTP, the results showed 31.3 micrograms/g for AL patients, versus 13.3 for non-patients.

“Childhood acute leukemia (AL) is the most common malignant tumor in children, but its etiology remains largely unknown,” the study,Household pesticide exposure and the risk of childhood acute leukemia in Shanghai, China, said.

“Our findings support the notion that the household use of pesticides may play a role in the etiology of childhood AL and provide some evidence to warrant further investigation of the link between household pesticide exposures and childhood AL in Shanghai.”

It was published in the Environmental Science and Pollution journal in April, 2015.

China’s most stressed minority? 1/3 of Yi ethnicity suffers hypertension

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Those who believe big city living can be stressful have never visited  the rural Shilin Yi Autonomous County, where China’s Yi minority were recently recorded with some of the nation’s highest levels of hypertension.

In an attempt to better understand the condition among rural and minority populations, researchers from top hospitals in Kunming and Nanjing administered physicals to 2208 Yi seniors.

Though initially testing for eye disorders, the researchers soon found  38.6% of adults  over 50 were suffering from hypertension, or high blood pressure, in the minority region located in southwestern Yunnan province.

Women were the most likely to suffer from hypertension with 39.4% positive, significantly higher than the national average of 28%.

With many in  the fertile region working as farmers,  few of the adults tested were obese, a common cause of high blood pressure, the study said.

Instead, they believe  diet and lifestyle were responsible for the high rates.

Their preference for eating Rubing , a firm, fatty cheesed produced from goat’s milk is believed to be a large contributor to higher hypertension rates among  the Yi minority versus other minorities in the region.

A diet high in preserved foods, which contain large amounts of sodium, also contributed to the high hypertension levels.

Of those that suffer from the condition, less than a quarter, 24.2%, were aware of it, the study found.

“There is an urgent need to develop a hypertension education program to coordinate efforts for the detection, prevention, and treatment of hypertension in the Yi ethnic communities,” the study, Prevalence, awareness, medication, control, and risk factors associated with hypertension in Yi ethnic group aged 50 years and over in rural China: the Yunnan minority eye study, said.

It was published by BMC Public Health on April 15.

Females often responsible for mob behavior among Tibetan Macaques

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Animal behavior researchers have discovered that unplanned mobs among  Tibetan Macaques are often led  by a hierarchy of strong females.

Zoologists from Central Washington University observed 20 adult Tibetan Macaques at  Mt. Huangshan in Anhui province over the course of two months.

During that time they witnessed 128 collective movements, events outside the social norm such as creating a spontaneous crowd or heightened emotions among  a group; for humans, behaviors such as  riots or mass buying.

An unexpectedly large number of the observed collective movement were led by the highest-ranking female, followed by young females, their report said.

The Tibetan Macaque is one of the largest monkeys found in Asia. They are known for their complex social structure and gender-based hierarchy.

Outside of such phenomena, larger  Alpha males tend to have better access to resources. However,  clustering of social circles among the group tended to center around different female Macaques, the report  said.

“Certain individuals tend to move with one female or the other,” the report, Leadership in the Collective Movements of Tibetan Macaques (Macaca thibetana) at Mt. Huangshan, China, said.

The study was presented during the Symposium Of University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) on May 5.

Chinese seniors unable to complete daily chores more likely to commit suicide

Disabled Chinese elders unable to perform daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning are three times more likely to commit suicide, a  recent study has found.

While tradition dictates that Chinese children should take care of their aging parents, lack of pensions  and the one-child policy have placed impossible expectations for children to provide both care and finances for parents.

Compounded by a lack of proffessional care facilities, senior citizens are increasingly being left to tend to themselves in daily life.

A study by the Department of Health Services Management at Second Military Medical University investigated daily life and disability as it relates to suicide for 8399 residents aged 60 or more across 15 communities in Shanghai .

They found the suicide rate among those observed was .75% and was often pre-empted by disability in performing daily tasks.

Using the  Lawton instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) scale to determine different levels of disability for the sample, they found seniors unable to  use public transport, prepare meals, go shopping,  perform housekeeping or do laundry were almost three times more likely to commit suicide.

“The presence of at least one such disability was associated with an almost threefold increase in the attempted suicide rate,” it said.

Those unable to perform five or more of the tasks were five times more likely.

“Specific IADL disabilities, such as preparing meals or dealing with medical care, may be significant predictive factors for risk of suicidal attempts among the elderly,” the study,Does disability predict attempted suicide in the elderly? A community-based study of elderly residents in Shanghai, China,  said.

“Therefore, elderly people with certain disabilities should be considered for suicide prevention interventions and should be supported in IADL as much as possible.”

It was published online by Crossmark on April 18.

Survey reveals 88% rural residents unaware of how Hepatitis B is spread

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A survey of more than 1,400 rural residents across China found 88% of participants believed they could become infected with Hepatitis B by sharing a meal with an infected individual.

Interviewing people in 72 villages located across Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Chongqing and Qinghai in China, researchers from Tongji Medical University in Wuhan led the study to gauge health education outside of China’s big cities.
Among the participants, 69.66% understood the health risks involved with second-hand cigarette smoke and 62% knew the correlation between salt and high blood pressure.

However, only 29% believed it was harmful to eat fruit picked from the ground without properly washing it.

Researchers selected 10 to 20 people from each village, all of varying age, education and income. 69% of participants made less than  22,000 yuan per year ($3,500 USD)

Surprisingly, lower income rural residents were more likely to understand health risks than those from rich families.

Those with high levels of education and those who lived within 1 km of the nearest doctor were the most knowledgeable about health issues, the study said.

For most respondents,  doctor were the primary source of information on health issues, while more than half also received information from television, newspapers and magazines.

“Health knowledge awareness of rural residents is quite low and how they receive health knowledge is simple and traditional,” the study, titled Analysis of awareness of health knowledge among rural residents in Western China, said.

“In the process of health education, different means of education should be adopted for different groups.”

It was published online at Bio Med Center in January, 2015.

Rain reduces speed of Beijing’s expressway traffic by 17 percent

Moderate to heavy rain during peak hours reduces the traffic speed of Beijing expressways by 17.3%, a recent study by the US-based Transportation Research Board found.

Comparing real-time weather data with car travel speeds, researchers were able to determine the impact of moderate rains for night time and peak hour traffic speeds.

They found moderate or greater rains at night had a lesser impact, slowing traffic speeds by 8.8% on expressways  and 4% for major traffic arteries.

The  purpose of the study was to better predict and adapt to the weather effects on congestion in order to better project traffic patterns.

The data in the study, Impact of Rainfall on Travel Speed on Urban Roads In Beijing, China, was first presented at the Transportation Research Board 94th Annual Meeting in the United States in January before being published online in March.

17-year cancer study offers good news for female textile workers in Shanghai

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Two reports examining data from 267,400 female textile workers over the course of 17-years offer positive news regarding occupational cancer risk.

The first study in the research series, led by University of Washington in Seattle, looked at stomach and esophageal cancer risk associated with exposure to synthetic fiber dust and endotoxins found in textile factories.

Using a control group and tracking the workers from 1989 to 2006, they found their was a small increase in the cases of stomach cancer among those exposed to synthetic fibers.

Similarly, there was increased risk in stomach cancer for those exposed to endotoxins, but again the correlation was very close to zero, the study, Occupational exposures and risk of stomach and esophageal cancers: Update of a cohort of female textile workers in Shanghai, China, found.

“Our findings demonstrate that long duration of synthetic fiber dust exposure can increase stomach cancer risk in women, but provide limited support for associations with other textile industry exposures,” it said.

Using the same data, the researchers published a second study to confirm or disprove the theory that working night shifts can increase lung cancer risk.

The association between night shifts and cancer was first made by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2007 when they published a theory that speculated working in shifts that disrupt natural sleep rhythms can act as a carcinogen in humans due to altered melatonin levels.

But the University of Washington’s research, Night shift work and lung cancer risk among female textile workers in Shanghai, China, found quite the opposite.

Even given 10-year and 20-year lag times, the statistics from both the test group and the control group were almost identical, with a slightly lower lung cancer rate among women working the night shift.

“Contrary to the initial hypothesis, rotating nighttime shift work appears to be associated with a relatively reduced lung cancer risk although the magnitude of the effect was modest and not statistically significant,” the study said.

The first study was published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine on Jan 21st and the second was published in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene on January 23rd.

Internet gaming addiction in China – mental disorder or bad habit?

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With China set to overcome the US as the largest online gaming market, a group of Korean scientists set out to answer the question – is addiction to internet gaming in China a biomedical sickness or just a bad habit?

Any given Chinese city is rife with internet cafes filled with gamers, usually young males in their late teens or 20s, who spend hours stuffed in dark, smoke-filled rooms playing games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends or one of thousands of Chinese titles.

Reports about people dying after 3 to 4 day gaming marathons have become grimly commonplace in Chinese headlines. In late January, a teen cut off his own hand in order to ‘cure’ his internet addiction

While many agree that internet gaming addiction can be a problem, very little research exists to define, diagnosis or properly treat potentially life-threatening cases.

Internet gaming disorder was listed in the  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), the widely-accepted authority on mental disorders, for the first time in 2013, with the authors concluding it was a “condition for further study”.

Heading the call, researchers from the Sociology Department at Ewha Womans University in Seoul took the first step toward the question in China – is it a mental disorder or simple a societal problem?

Interviewing gamers and collecting related research, the team etched an outline of their participants “social existence” and compared it to the DSM definition of mental disorder.

The study concluded internet gaming addiction does not fully meet the qualifications of a mental disorder, but instead rests on the individual.

“We discover not a clearly understood mental disorder called Internet Gaming Disorder’ but more so an issue of social deviance,” the study, “Internet Gaming Disorder” in China Biomedical Sickness or Sociological Badness?, said.

It was published online at Sage Journals in January 27.

China begins production on panels for world’s largest radio telescope, FAST

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China Electronics Technology Group Corp. (CETC) has begun production on reflection panels for the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope, the company announced on Saturday.

They expect to complete the first of 4,450 panels for the Five-hundred meter Aperature Spherical Telescope (FAST) by May.

Beginning construction in Guizhou Province in 2011, the telescope will be the largest of its kind when it is finished in 2016.

It will be twice as sensitive as the Arecibo Observatory, currently the world’s largest single-aperature telecsope, operated by the United States in Puerto Rico, Zheng Yuanpeng, a CETC engineer in charge of producing the panels, told official Chinese media.

Arecibo Observatory is just over 300 meters across and is used in
radio astronomy, aeronomy, and radar astronomy research.

China’s FAST project, which will have similar functions, will cost around 109 million U.S. dollars.

30% of heroin users in China diagnosed with additional mental disorders

China’s recent crackdown on drugs has revealed a nationwide epidemic that has been bubbling under the surface for years.

Every week, the country sees stories on drug busts where huge amounts, sometimes tons, of Heroin or crystal meth have been seized.

As authorities quell the problem of distribution, psychologists are examining the causes behind the country’s widespread drug use.

In a recent study, researchers from Second Xiangya Hospital at Central South University in cooperation with the Yale School of Medicine interviewed more than 1000 heroin addicts at three rehab centers in Changsha, China to determine if their substance abuse had any link to other disorders.

They found 29.6% of participants had been diagnosed with some form of life-long mental health disorder and 19.5 had experienced symptoms in the previous month.

The most common diagnosis were Antisocial (40.7%) and Borderline (22.6%) Personality Disorders.  57.8% of the heroin addicts were found to have problems abusing other substances as well.

Recruiting participants from two clinics where patients were required to be there by law or other compulsory means and one voluntary clinic, the study examined the socio-economic status of those being treated for heroin addiction.

Females were found to be of lower socio-economic status than their male counterparts in compulsory clinics.

Males in compulsory clinics were much more likely to have additional disorders, whether mental or substance, and were from a lower socio-economic status than men in volunteer clinics.

“The study findings suggest an urgent need to expand and improve diagnostic and treatment capabilities in compulsory rehabilitation settings in China,” the study said.

It was published online on February 2.

Scientists track origin of China’s only polio outbreak in 20 years

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For most developed countries, polio is considered a virus of the past, eliminated in the years following the breakthrough vaccine discovered by Jonas Stalk in 1952.

China was thought to have been rid of the paralyzing disease in 2000, when they were officially listed as polio-free.

But a 2011 outbreak of a wild strand of the virus in Xinjiang Zhuang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the country’s far west left some observers questioning just how fully it was eradicated.   Prior to that, China hadn’t seen an outbreak since 1994.

After years of examining the incident, researchers from China’s Center for Disease Control have released a report tracing the origins of the outbreak, in which 21 people were infected with wild polio and 23 additional cases were found clinically comparable to polio, to Pakistan.

Surprisingly, adults accounted for more than 50% of the cases, with children under the age of 5 being the second largest but most susceptible group. There was only 1 case of unconfirmed polio for those aged 5-14 years old.

The researchers blame part of the 2011 incident on lack on immunizations in the region.

A study conducted in the capital and northern part of Xinjiang in 2010 found 95% of the population under 15 years old were properly vaccinated. But in the south, which shares a border with Pakistan – one of the few places still battling the virus – cultural and geographical factors bar proper immunization practices, they said.

“In southern Xinjiang, most of habitants are Uyghur ethnicity, some of whom have fears about vaccine safety or adhere to religious beliefs, which reject immunizations,” the study, An outbreak following importation of wild poliovirus in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China, 2011, said.

“Some children who live in poor and remote villages are hard to reach for immunization due to transit inaccessibility.”

Following the incident, five rounds of immunization maintenance were initiated between 2011 and 2012 and are effectively thought to have culled the strand.

Still, the outbreak stands as proof that, until the virus is fully destroyed, nowhere is fully protected.

“Until WPV transmission is globally eradicated, the risk of WPV importation exists even in countries which have been certified as polio-free,” the study said.

“Therefore, high coverage of routine immunization should be maintained in children until WPV transmission is globally eradicated.”

It was published online at Bio Med Central in January.